Monday, June 6, 2011

Valdez to Palmer

The 260-mile drive today was really pleasant because the sun was out! We hit a few frost heaves by surprise, but managed to get through most of them slowly. But we didn’t get any good pics because the windshield was full of bugs. Even after Don cleaned the windshield at our fuel stop in Glennallen ($4.899/gal. diesel), where we turned onto the Alaska Highway again. It seemed like we were a magnet for bugs, and they were all out enjoying the sunshine, too.

We joined our group at the Homestead RV Park, a Passport America member so we got a 50% discount for 2 nights – $16.50 per night for 30 amp electric and water at each site, dump station at the exit. If we stay longer, which we probably will, we’ll move to the Elks Lodge.

We had a happy hour gathering in the sunshine on a grassy area in the park, for the first time in several days because it has been too cold and/or wet. I took some pictures with my Droid phone because I didn’t have my camera handy, but somehow I’m not able to transfer them to my computer tonight. Must be ‘operator error.’ LOL!

Anyway, the funny thing I intended to show by pictures is that 4 out of 5 couples brought peanuts in the shell to happy hour! Only Marilyn and Larry brought something different – spreadable port flavored cheese and wheat crackers. And Marilyn got a nice haircut today.

The 10 of us (Jean and Claudette are still in Valdez trying to get their mechanical problems fixed) went to the Noisy Goose CafĂ© for dinner. We had good food and great service – definitely a recommendation for anyone coming this way. It’s on Glenn Highway across from the fairgrounds.

We’ll have more adventures tomorrow. Hoping the good weather continues, but the forecast doesn’t look good.


  1. Hey guys, do you, or any of your traveling buddies, have solar? If so, how's it working in the land of 24hr sun? Is the sun too low on the horizon all day to do any good via the panels?

  2. Yes, we have solar and so do the Hills. However, on the days we've boondocked we haven't always had sunshine, and we're frequently in the trees. And it's not quite 24 hours - we'll have about 19 today.

  3. Must feel like a pretty long day with 19 hours of sun. Right now, I wouldn't mind that at all - even 12 hours!


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