Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anchorage Day 4

Our plan for the day was to load up our bikes on the car rack, put Larry and Marilyn’s folding bikes in the back of the car, and the 4 of us drive to the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and ride the length of it. But Don woke up with a backache and just wasn’t feeling up to it. It turns out that all 4 of us were suffering from various aches and pains, so we didn’t mind changing our plans. But we let Don take the blame!

Don’s computer then became our first priority. He hadn’t been able to keep the computer running with the lid closed so he could use his external monitor. We found where he should have been able to change the setting, but the boxes were grayed out, and Help wasn’t helpful. So we took the computer to Best Buy to get them to fix it. They decided to give Don a new computer because they weren’t able to change the setting, either. We left it for the Geek Squad to set up the new computer correctly and returned later to discover they hadn’t been able to change it on the new computer either! Then another tech (a woman this time – <grin>) searched for a solution on the Samsung forum and discovered a Samsung Fast Start feature was preventing the change. She disabled Fast Start, made the change, and we were on our way. The first computer was probably fine, but it was already on its way somewhere else as a defective unit!

Meanwhile, between trips to Best Buy we went to the Anchorage Saturday Market. We ran into Larry and Marilyn several times as we all checked out the wares in this very large collection of vendors.


The fresh fruit was beautiful, and so were the high prices $$$! We chose some nice avocados, but decided the berries and cherries were just too pricey (or ‘spendy’ as they say in the Northwest).


There were lots of specialty meat products made from Reindeer, Elk, Buffalo, Salmon, Caribou and Musk Ox.


We were surprised to see cactus plants in pots. Not surprising in Arizona, but in Alaska?


Some Alaskans like to tease Texans.


The sweatshirt says “Divide Alaska in half, and make Texas the third largest state.”


The honey vendor didn’t bother to remove her bee suit.


We listened to several of Robert Service’s poems recited by this performer.


We ate lunch while we listened. I had a fresh grilled Salmon Quesadilla with chipotle sauce and jalapenos.


Don had Korean Bulgogi with rice and Kim Chi.


After the poet finished, a group of cloggers danced on the stage.


There were a few other performers in the aisles.


Ulu knives and hand-made wooden bowls are very popular here. These are a high-end version, made from birch and caribou antlers, and ranging from $59 to $129 for a bowl and ulu set.


We found a nice bed for Shadow. He seemed to like it and climbed right in.


But when he stretched out for a serious snooze, we realized the bed is too small! We’ll have to return it when we get back to Anchorage on another Saturday.


We got together with most of our Last Frontier Gang for dinner. Jean and Claudette caught up with us after getting their air bag and slide fixed. Pat and Jim have gone ahead and will meet up with us later.


I guess Dennis is still spooked by that moose that ran through his site last night and needed a little TLC from his buddy Larry.


On our way home, I realized I must have some relatives in Alaska! (Maiden name: Cline.)



  1. Hi, We are sure enjoying your travels. I got a kick out of the fuel prices on the Cline's sign. We were paying more than that in Antioch, CA in March--30 miles from a Valero refinery!!
    Hugs, C

  2. FWIW our dogs are about the same size and have beds that size, too. They mostly curl up and if they hang over, oh well. BTW, we're enjoying following your blog as we make our Alaska trip. Are in Skagway right now and am blogging as well at

  3. The weather seems to be cooperating
    and you have found good shopping to
    keep that 'itch' satisfied. What
    a great trip. Having a good time
    following all of you.
    PS Sure hope Brandy keeps her
    good home!
    Linda and Ron

  4. looks like your having fun with good friends and getting in some good eating too.....Wish we were with you.

  5. Love the Alaska/Texas booth! I might need to find that hoodie!

    I bet Shadow really likes that bed. When he throws his head off the side, he's just asking for a massage!


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