Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Changing of the Gravel

Since the first day on our RV lot at Cochise Terrace Resort in December 2008, we have wanted to get rid of the pea gravel and replace it with larger gravel. Pea gravel gives very little support under the wheels of a heavy motorhome, especially when it’s wet, as it shifts away from the tires. Over time we created fairly deep ruts and it was becoming harder to get the motorhome level. Pea gravel also sticks to soles of shoes and puppy paws and finds itself inside the motorhome. And it somehow jumps up on the patio pavers very easily. And anyone wearing sandals will always be emptying their shoes of the little devils.

So, when a neighbor in the modular home section of our neighborhood wanted our pea gravel for his backyard where his little puppy likes to go for “business” and was willing to pay for it to be removed from our lot, we jumped at the chance to begin the changing project.

First, the old gravel had to be swept away from the cacti, patios and fences all around the lot.

DSCN1685 DSCN1694

Next, we had to move the motorhome off the lot. Fortunately, our next-door neighbors were willing to let us park on theirs for the duration. It looks almost like ours, because it also has a large awning and fence, but it’s one lot over. (And it’s for sale!)DSCN1674

Then the big shovel and broom arrived to remove the biggest part of the pea gravel.DSCN1671

After several trips of the big shovel to the other lot to dump its load…DSCN1672

…our lot was cleared of the pea gravel and was ready for the delivery of the new gravel. It arrived at 6 pm (about 4 hours late), so we didn’t plan to work on it until the next day. DSCN1678

Don was standing a bit too close when the load was dumped …DSCN1681

…and was almost asphyxiated by all the dust that resulted. You can’t see him in this photo, but he’s still standing behind the dump truck!DSCN1682

Now we had the task of spreading the new gravel.


Too bad we didn’t throw a “leveling party” and invite all our friends!DSCN1689

Don and I did some work spreading the gravel by shovel/wheelbarrow…DSCN1697

…and rake.


But the main spreading and leveling needed to be done by a bigger shovel. Then the rains came. All good plans… Oh, well! At least we didn’t need to spray the mounds with the garden hose to keep the dust down. We could have finished the job a couple of days later, but the guy who operates the Bob Cat (with broom and shovel attachments) didn’t let us know when he was coming back to help, and we were out running errands and missed him. So we took the weekend off to attend the Benson Bluegrass Festival, then hit the job again on Monday morning.

Steve, the Bob Cat operator, and Don worked together to spread, level and fill, with a little help from me (mainly as supervisor: “It’s a little low over there…We need some more here…” LOL!)DSCN1727

Finally, almost a week later, we moved back on our lot. It’s so nice to have the pea gravel GONE!DSCN1730 DSCN1731 DSCN1737

Ahhh, Home Sweet RV Lot Home!DSCN1736