Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Change of Scene

We moved today! This is the first time since mid-May that Don has ridden in the motorhome. He managed to schedule his dialysis session today to begin at 8:00 am instead of 11, so he was finished just after noon. This was Gigi’s first ride in the motorhome, and she did great, staying in her bed which I put between the pilot and co-pilot chairs for most of the 10-mile distance. She wasn’t bothered by the vacuum when I cleaned the floors earlier, or even by the slides coming in.

Don drove the car to the dialysis center, and I met him in the parking lot later, along with turkey sandwiches for a quick lunch. We hitched up and I drove to Casa Grande RV Resort, about 85 miles west of Tucson on I-10.

After we parked and set up, Jan and Bill Mains came over for big hugs after so long since seeing each other, and to meet Gigi of course. It was Jan’s idea for us to come for a visit, and I’m glad we took her suggestion. Jan & Bill live very close to this RV park, so it will be easy for us to spend time together.


We chatted for awhile, then walked down a few sites to have dinner with Susie and Bud Walsh in their beautiful Montana Big Sky 5th wheel. (Thanks for dinner, Susie and Bud!) It was a fun evening and we look forward to getting together again.


Gigi needed her evening walk when Don and I returned to the motorhome, so I took her for a quick jaunt around the block to sniff all the great new smells and take care of serious business. On our way around the block I noticed a Phaeton and car with Texas tags, and both SKP and Boomers decals on the rear of the car. Checking the motorhome windshield I noticed military decals. Putting these clues together with an earlier post by Connie on Facebook, I guessed this must be Connie and Larry Farquhar. The door was open and I could see Connie sitting inside. I said her name, she answered and I told her mine. Oh joy! More hugs! And Gigi got lots of attention from Larry.

Don has made arrangements to receive dialysis on Tuesday nearby, then we’ll return to Tucson on Wednesday. It’s so great to see friends and to have a change of scene for a few days.