Thursday, July 24, 2014

Scavenger Hunt, Kitchen Party, and More Lobstah!

One of the Twillingate Festival activities is a Photo Hunt, like a scavenger hunt only digital photo-based. We registered and were handed a list of 34 items (because this is the 34th Twillingate Festival) to find in the area. All photos had to be taken today. Some of the items are shown below.

A mermaid.


The Mayor of Twillingate.


A Newfoundland dog. (This was disqualified because they wanted a real dog, but they accepted pictures of other things – darn!)


All 4 members of the team kissing a cod.


Someone cleaning a cod. These fishermen were fun and accommodating. Too bad we didn’t have time to visit with them for awhile!


An iceberg.


The famous opera singer Miss Georgina Stirling, born in Twillingate in 1866.


The longest-running mayor in Canada. What a nice fellow! Told me I was the 7th person to take his picture today. Mayor of Crow Head.


Someone knitting. (This was probably the easiest item to find!)


A cape hand (a yellow (usually) hat worn by fishermen).


Thirty-four blueberries. Luckily we had a container of them in the fridge and Don counted them out.


A 34 year-old lobster weighing 11+ lbs.


All 4 members of the team eating fudge at the Long Point Lighthouse. Tough job, but somebody had to do it!


A moose with a person’s face. (Hope I don’t have nightmares from this!)


The fishing boat “Midnight Shadow.”


The oldest church in Twillingate.


We didn’t win, but we got 28 of the 34 items, and we had a great time looking for everything. Don even set some speed records driving on the narrow, winding roads without the local RCMP catching him. (There’s only one in town.) Our time limit was 2 hours, and we made it with 3-4 minutes to spare!

After lunch at Puffin’s at the Auk Island Winery, we went to a Kitchen Party at the Lion’s Club. At first, it seemed like a noisy place with everyone talking at once, and very bad acoustics. I was almost ready to leave and forfeit my admission fee of $7. But once the performance started, I sat back and enjoyed the show. Karen Churchill has only lived in Twillingate for 8 years, but she seems like a native.


With assistance from Joan on the ugly stick, coming all the way from Crow Head (about 4 km away!), who also played guitar and sang, it was a fun musical show.


Joan got Denny set up with the ugly stick.


And before long he was giving it his own personal flair!


At the end of the song, everyone cheered him, and he relished the praise!


This sweet little girl took her turn on the ugly stick, too.


Then the Mummers entered and danced around.


They picked some folks from the audience to dance with them.


There were lots of familiar songs as well as those unique to Newfoundland. We were encouraged to sing along on many of them. It turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon.

For supper (dinner is at noon), we got together with the Pollocks and Mohrs for a lobster feast. Bill Pollock came with appropriate head gear.


After consuming the crustaceans, which were really delicious, everyone seemed happy. (Denny isn’t fond of lobster so he had supper on his own.) Tom took an official picture of the group for the Escapees Boomers newsletter.


What a great way to end a perfect day!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Le Scie

I’ve fallen behind in blogging, but here’s a sample of what we’ve been doing. It was a long drive to Le Scie through lots and lots of trees, but it was worth it in the end.

This is the first iceberg we saw in the water.


Later we heard a loud sound and here’s the result.


Susie & Denny had climbed up a long flight of stairs and saw the calving from on high.


There are lots of icebergs out there, but only a few close enough to shore to see clearly.



We had lunch at a quaint place, Outport Museum & Tea Room.


There’s a nice view of the bay from the deck.


The owner entertained these two young ladies and the rest of us with an antique “squeeze box.”


He showed Susie how to play the “ugly stick” in time with the music.


Then Denny took his turn.


We’re now in Twillingate, parked at the church with friends Bill & Gisela Pollock, and Jil & Tom Mohr. Jane & Russ Darrow stopped by during happy hour yesterday, and we hope to see more of them, too.

We’re too far north for our satellite to work for Internet, so we’re going a block or so over to the library for a free link. Having lots of fun, taking lots of pictures. Will post more when I can.