Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adventures in Texas

Sorry it’s been so long since I wrote a blog post. We had a good time in Texas, and here are a few of the highlights.

We visited Liz’s son Robert Medina and his family (wife Shirley, daughters Natasha and Isabella) in San Antonio.




We attended the Escapees Chapter 30 “Red River Rovers” rally in Hillsboro.




We stayed on Dennis & Carol’s lot in Livingston for a couple of weeks. Thanks, Friends! We had fun but wish you could have been here, too.


When people saw the brown motorhome and RV Driving School signs on the car, several thought Dennis & Carol were home. We used water from the neighbors, Sue & Jon Glick in back, then Beth & Wayne Roberts when they came home as theirs was closer. So Don grilled a couple of tri-tip roasts and we had a little dinner party as a thank-you for them. Sorry I didn’t get better pictures, but we enjoyed the time we spent together.



We also saw our friend Patsy Hill, who lives in Timberwood Rehab Center in Livingston. She’s a former Solo RVer that both Don and I have known longer than her son Dennis. Sorry, no pics here either.

While in Livingston, I gave two RV Driving School lessons, one to a woman (and her husband) already in the Escapees park, and another to a woman (and her husband) who drove up from the Houston area. Fortunately, although we had some rain during that time, the weather was good for the lessons. And I enjoyed the smell of the East Texas piney woods after they got a shower.

During this time, the power transfer switch failed on our motorhome. A new one had to be shipped from Tiffin in Red Bay, AL, and we weren’t able to pay for expedited shipping, so we had to wait several more days to depart. On the plus side, Tiffin covered the cost of the part and shipping even though our motorhome is out of warranty, so we only had to cover the labor for installation.

Before leaving Livingston, we were able to participate in a few of the CARE Fair events. This annual health fair offers a chance for seniors in the area to have blood test and other health screening, learn more about health care and disaster preparedness, and enjoy fellowship and, of course, food together.


Carolee Day led the effort to put together this week-long event with several volunteers.


We got to know Bob and Sue Guthrie a bit better and began the process of introducing them to the Volunteer Club Representative program. Welcome, Bob and Sue!


Finally, a note about this blog. I have turned off Anonymous commenters, as I’ve been getting more frequent spam. If you are a friend and can’t leave a comment with an accepted ID, send me an email or comment on Facebook. I appreciate all the comments from friends and family, but it was annoying to get so much spam from strangers.