Friday, October 19, 2012

Benson Is Feeling More and More Like “Home”

We arrived at our lot in Cochise Terrace RV Resort yesterday afternoon, several months after our brief visit in early March. We both looked forward to getting back, and we plan to stay a longer time this year. We will probably be here until time to go to Quartzsite in January.

We are still full-time RVers, although this lot has become our home base. We don’t yet really consider it ‘home’ – our home is on wheels. But we will eventually make this our permanent home when we have to hang up the keys. At least, that’s the current plan. After coming here for a portion of each winter since 2008, we know most of the neighbors and are familiar with the surroundings, and we enjoy the relatively good weather and beautiful vistas. So it’s starting to feel like home when we return.

We found two surprises on our lot: 1. A section of the rear fence had broken off the posts, and 2. Our ocotillo plant had grown leaves.

The first will require a bit of repair, namely replacing the post brackets and re-attaching the fence section.



The panel broke off most likely when the century plant (aka agave) that was behind it died and its giant flower stalk probably fell against the fence. Here’s the dead century plant where a neighbor pushed it down into the wash:


And the stalk further out in the wash:


The plant was actually on the portion of our park designated as common area, not on our lot. But we’ll help to cut up and discard the remains anyway. There’s also a huge weed next to where the plant was; we’ll dispose of it, too. I’m not unhappy to see this plant go, as it was pushing on the back side of the fence, having grown quite large in the years since we built the fence. Here’s what it looked like last December.


Century plants actually live only 10-30 years, and are beautiful desert features, but they can be messy when they die after producing the tall (up to 26 ft.) flower stalk.

The ocotillo growing leaves is significant because Don was wanting to dig it up the past couple of years, thinking it was dead. Here’s a picture of it from last December:


And now, with leaves:


I’m so glad it finally grew leaves as I really like the plant and now will be able to continue to enjoy it. Friends have advised to give it a water soaking and spraying about once a month to encourage the leaves. It may also grow red-orange blooms on the tips of the branches, making it even more interesting.

Shadow seems happy to be back and enjoying freedom from his leash while on our fenced lot, especially with his own personal grass.


And, even though he hates the process, I think he feels better after being groomed this morning by Terri, his favorite groomer, and coming home to a freshly-washed dog bed.


Finally, I’m glad to return to the Southwest to enjoy spectacular sunsets like this one last night. It’s good to be “Home!”