Thursday, July 30, 2009

On the Road Again...

Here we are in California, having driven over 1500 miles from Rapid City, SD. We took 5 days to get here, starting with 2 rather long days, covering almost 850 miles, then 3 shorter days allowing us to visit Don's late wife's parents, Dottie and Frank Azlin, in Modesto, CA.

We didn't have any major problems with the motorhome during the trip. The only minor mishap was that the glass slide on the screen door shattered (for the second time) when Don pushed it open at a fuel station in Fernley, NV. This time, he decided to make a more permanent replacement out of Lexan rather than thinner Plexiglass, like he did last time. The glass breaks too easily and creates quite a mess. It's the right side of the clear panel in this photo.

Our motorhome is parked in front of Don's sis-in-law's house in Watsonville. Here, Susan is grooming one of her dogs while Don takes a break from dry-washing the motorhome. I'm meeting lots of Don's family members, with still more to arrive today and tomorrow for his niece Lisa's wedding on Saturday. This event promises to be a big gathering for the Del Rosario family.

The weather is cool and damp in the morning, with the sun burning through the fog early in the afternoon, which is typical of this area of the Pacific Coast. There's no need for air conditioning, and I'm enjoying the break from hot weather during our trip through the desert.

Don bought a new game for the Wii, and his great-nephews are having a wonderful time playing with it, showing Uncle Don how it's done! I managed to escape the mayhem and had some fish tacos at Del Taco, one of my favorite west coast haunts. It's nice to be back in California, where I can buy low-fat Gallo salami, Orowheat bread, and good, inexpensive wine, among other things I've missed because they're scarce or not available in other parts of the country. Fuel isn't as expensive as we had feared, either.

I'll post more photos when I get some of the family. I plan to keep this blog updated fairly frequently while we're traveling, but probably not every day. I'll send an email notice when there's something new.