Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ribs & Things

This will be a quick blog, but I know I have to write one or Dennis will really get on my case tomorrow!

Dennis & Carol Hill rolled into Benson around 2 pm and parked on our neighbor’s lot that we have permission to use for friends and family when the owners aren’t on it. The four of us sat outside for awhile and enjoyed the beautiful Arizona weather.

A little later, Don put 4 racks of baby back ribs in the Orion smoker.


He had already prepped the drip pan with aluminum foil and put mesquite chips around the edge. Then it was time to add the charcoal around the outside rim, put on the lid and light the fire. Interesting how the camera caught flames leaving the main body of the fire as the slight breeze blew them sideways.


Meanwhile, Art & Caroline Fennell had joined us from their site in the Escapees park on the other side of town, and we had lots of fun conversations.


Exactly one hour and 10 minutes after lighting the fire, Don brought out the ribs, let them rest for 10 minutes and dinner was served!





I made the pasta salad, and Dennis made the beans with some of his smoked (butt) pork. Everything was yummy! Caroline and Art brought coconut cream pie and ice cream for dessert, but I didn’t get a picture.

Dennis liked the music Don was playing on the outside stereo.


We almost had some uninvited guests for dinner.


This is the biggest herd we’ve ever seen here.


Hmmm…something sure smells good over there!


As the sun went down we all donned light jackets and Don built a fire in the chiminea.


My pictures of the one-day-after-full-moon (waxing gibbous) didn’t turn out like I wanted, but we enjoyed the live view.


And we really enjoyed the great company!