Saturday, March 19, 2016

Welcome Back Friends

My last blog was 2 weeks ago (time flies!) so I need to give everyone an update. We’ve been following our dialysis program and getting better at preventing alarms and cautions from the equipment, as well as preventing any extra bleeding or other challenging situations. In fact, the session we did yesterday (Friday) went perfectly!

Don continues to suffer from undiagnosed abdominal pain, which has progressed to an almost unbearable level. He saw his primary care provider (PCP) on Thursday, and the doc ordered an angiogram to check for mesenteric ischemia. If you’re interested in knowing more about the condition, just Google it and you’ll be busy for the next hour or so. We’re hoping this diagnosis proves positive, because it can be treated right away and Don can start feeling normal again. The scan will take place on Tuesday.

We’ve been enjoying the company of not only Gloria and Frank King, who have become our neighbors in Cochise Terrace Resort, but also Jan and Bill Mains, who came for a several day visit. Here are pictures from some of our gatherings.



Ron and Mary Lichtenberg joined us for happy hour yesterday afternoon at Jan and Bill’s site.


Gloria thought it was too cold to sit outside when the shade reached her as the sun went down.


So Jan gave her a blanket!


Tonight Gloria and Frank hosted dinner at their place, as a belated “welcome home” for our return to Benson. They had planned to do this 2 weeks ago, but Gloria was very sick with the flu. Then Don wasn’t feeling well for awhile. So we finally got to have the party, and all the food was wonderful! Thanks, Gloria and Frank!

Sorry I didn’t get pictures of the food, but here are some of people, pets and valley/mountain views.








It’s good to be “home” again!