Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Visitors and a Dinner Party

Larry & Marilyn Forbes arrived this afternoon and came over to start our happy hour, early enough to get a tour of our lot, shed/day room and coach. Larry wanted me to try a new wine they discovered.


A little on the sweet side, but it wasn’t bad! But I still prefer the drier Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. The four of us toasted to good friends.


It was sunny and nice out, and just a tad above 60 degrees, so it was chilly enough to give Don a chance to try out his new propane fire pit. This is what the delayed Santa, that I mentioned yesterday, brought him.


It’s surprising how much heat it puts out! Don also built a wood fire in the chiminea, just for good measure in case it got colder during happy hour.


And when he poured the remaining marinade onto the tri-tips on the grill, there was yet a third fire!


The other friends arrived soon, including Bob (near Marilyn) and Barb (right of Larry) Williams, and Bob and Molly Pinner.


When the meat was done, we headed inside to enjoy a wonderful meal and friendship, chatting for a few more hours with these super people! Thanks to everyone for a special time, with an extra thanks to Molly who supplied potatoes, salad and delicious homemade rolls!

Dennis & Carol's RV Adventures: Saving A Life

I'm using Blogger's option to add a link to the report Dennis wrote of his accident. Go to Dennis & Carol's RV Adventures: Saving A Life

Although Dennis refers to a hospital in Houston a couple of times, I'm pretty sure he means Phoenix.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Visitors, Camera, Accident

We’re delighted to once again have visitors in our neighborhood. Bob & Molly Pinner are staying on our neighbor’s lot for a few days.


So far, all we’ve done is look at each other’s new motorhomes, go out to eat and sit around solving life’s problems. But we’re having a wonderful time!


Last night we went to Magaly’s Mexican Restaurant and had cheese crisps, a wonderful appetizer that Molly loves. Don and I had never had one, but I think we’ve found yet another reason to eat there (as if we needed one!).

This evening we went to the Benson City Grille at San Pedro Golf Course.


Don and I have had lunch there, but never dinner. Molly and I both had the Chicken Marsala and loved it! Now we’ve found a new favorite for dinner.

To add to our growing list of visitors, Larry & Marilyn Forbes are coming tomorrow. Oops! The neighbor’s lot is occupied – this never happened before, although once we came within hours of having two visiting RVs. No problem, we just found another neighbor willing to let the Forbes park on their lot for a few nights. It’s so nice to have good neighbors with RV lots available for rent! They usually like longer-term renters, but since we live here and know them they are a little more flexible.

Tomorrow night Don is putting two tri-tip roasts on the grill, and we’ll enjoy a get-together for the 6 of us. Should be fun!

Santa revisited us this week. I discovered late in December that some reward points on my credit card were going to expire if I didn’t use them, so I turned them into a couple of things Don and I have been thinking about getting.

First on the ‘wish list’ was a Canon PowerShot G15 camera, like the one fellow blogger Rick of Rick & Paulette's RV Journal got from his family recently. After reading Rick’s review of the camera and knowing it was on his list for Santa, followed by his positive first reports of using it, I looked into it and thought it would be a nice one for me. But it was a little pricey for the kind of photography I do, so I couldn’t justify asking my Santa to buy it.

Now, with ‘found money’ to spend, it suddenly moved into the realm of possibility! I found a package deal through Amazon from Beach Camera that included the camera, an extra battery, a case and a cleaning kit for the same price the camera alone would be from Amazon direct, so I ordered and paid for expedited shipping so it would arrive before we leave Benson.

The camera arrived early this afternoon and I took a few shots with it, including the ones above. The shot below was taken with the Canon PowerShot SX130IS that I bought in Anchorage, AK in June 2010. Just using it to take this picture spoke volumes to me about the difference in the two cameras. I won’t write all the details now, but WOW I’m impressed with the G15, especially in such a compact camera! Thanks, Rick, for doing all the research for me!


I'll tell you about Don’s choice for a late Santa gift tomorrow.

Finally, I’m sorry to report that our good friend Dennis Hill had an accident on his Razr ATV yesterday. The two pics below are from Susie Orr, possibly taken by Denny Orr.

Dennis Hill 050

Dennis was alone in the Razr, but several friends were with him out in the desert near the Escapees North Ranch Park (Congress, AZ) on their own ATVs. By the time they came to his aid, Dennis was already on the phone with 9-1-1 because he knew he was losing a lot of blood from his ear, which was almost torn off. He was airlifted to a hospital in Phoenix.

Dennis Hill 047

We talked with him that evening and, although we knew he was under sedation after surgery to reattach the ear, he still had his great sense of humor. We learned he was released from the hospital today, so we send our good wishes and hopes for a quick recovery. Hang in there, Buddy! Looking forward to seeing you soon.