Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Friends and Adventures in Quartzsite

The past few days in Quartzsite passed quickly because we were busy getting in our last shopping trips and visiting with friends.

On Thursday, the area outside the big tent was almost totally deserted.


Don had to control himself to keep from drooling all over this beautiful Shelby Cobra. I don’t think it would tow 4-down though.


We stopped by Smitty and Louise’s booth to buy several things, and learned that they have put their business up for sale. They were so busy we didn’t have much of a chance to visit, but I hope they’re successful in selling so they’ll have more time to travel outside the RV rally/event circuit.


I had to fight the urge to buy both of these T-shirts.


My pet peeve – dogs in the tent, whether on leash or in strollers, they are at risk for being stepped on or bumped into in the crowd, and they take up space meant for people who are actually likely to spend money. It’s especially a problem when people are shoulder-to-shoulder making their way through the aisles.


We went back to our favorite lunch place so Don could have another smoked turkey leg.


And we spotted some long-time friends we haven’t seen in several years, Pete and Rita Petersen, who drove up for the day from their place in the Yuma foothills.


We saw some E-bikes that were both too heavy and too pricey for our situation. But oh, how fun it would be to just wheel around the neighborhood, up and down the hills, without a bit of peddling effort!


We found “The Happiest Place in Quartzsite” but decided just to listen to the music for a few minutes without sitting down.



Later we drove out to Boomerville to visit Frank, Gloria, Diane, Andy and lots of other friends.


And don’t forget Shadow…


,,,and Sophie!


And we met Sasha, too.


I had to get an updated picture with Jan Moore, who is often called my sister because we look a lot alike.


If you’re on Facebook, you already saw this pic, along with the one from 2 years ago when we both had longer hair. Also, Jan noticed that the same cacti were captured in the background of both pictures!


Happy hour and announcements followed, and we got to see lots more friends.


There were still people we missed seeing, even after attending the Boomers’ CARE auction a few days later. But we were finally able to get together with Carol Hinkley for lunch on Sunday, our last day in Q – sorry, didn’t get a picture. And we spotted Betty Anderson and Duane Peyton in the crowd outside the big tent for a breif hug – again, no picture.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip, and we were so happy to be able to travel outside the Tucson area for a couple of weeks. Now that we’re back in Tucson, we’re spending some time with Karen Faulkner and Roger Smith who are here for motorhome repairs and visiting family in the Phoenix area. And we’re looking forward to beginning training for home dialysis next week.

And, of course, we can’t forget how much we enjoyed the gorgeous desert sunsets.