Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Activities in Indiana

Our next stop after the Escapade was Warsaw, Indiana, to participate in the Escapees RV Club Volunteer Club Representatives (VCR) Reunion. I was a VCR for about a year prior to becoming President of the Escapees SOLOs group. My efforts were spread too thin while trying to do both jobs, so I ‘retired’ as a VCR. The Reunion was open to past, current and future VCRs.

We were pleasantly surprised at this nice little town. Arriving at the fairgrounds, we discovered that we were the first of our group to come in. The lady in the office didn’t have all the facts regarding the number of rigs expected. She thought there would be 8-10, so she directed us to a 50-amp site with water, in the lower area amid the trees. We chose a site not already assigned to anyone else, where we could get the satellite dishes pointed toward the southern sky. (Sorry this photo of our Phaeton, on the right, is a little blurry; it was taken with my phone from too far away to focus properly.)


When other rigs started arriving, we learned that more than 40 were expected! Most of them chose to park on pavement in the upper area of the grounds. There was a better view of the lake from there, but it was hotter on the pavement/concrete, and many sites had only electricity, no water connections. We could have moved and would have been closer to the action, but we chose to stay below in the grass and trees. Dennis and Carol’s Phaeton, parked in the upper area, was graced with a rather junky neighbor from days gone by.


There had been some “battles” going on during previous rallies, and another one ensued here. It’s hard to explain, other than to say lots of us adults enjoyed acting like kids. The pictures tell the story, with the Orange Team and the Yellow Team joining forces. It started with water balloons.


Some people really got ‘into’ their costumes.





The Little Green Man participated, too, wielding a water gun.


A path was laid out.


Then the ‘victims’ arrived.


The water balloon battle began.


The ‘victims’ fought back.


Later, things got ugly when the weapons got more serious.


When all was said and done, everyone hugged and made up, then shared a buffet dinner.


During the process of participating with this fun group, Don and I made a serious decision. We decided to become VCRs for the Escapees. It’s a return for me, a new experience for him. We were installed and initiated with three other couples (seated below), with our ‘parent VCRs’ standing behind us. Art and Caroline Fennell, who helped me many times during my SOLOs presidency, agreed to be our parents, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. As VCRs, we will represent the Escapees RV Club at regional rallies, assist in chapter activities, and help recruit new members for the club.

VCR Initiation

By the way, did you figure out who the masked man was in the 4th pic above?