Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Last Day at the RV Show Big Tent

Don and I decided to make one last trip to the RV Show on Sunday. The Big Tent is open for two weekends and the week between, although lots of other shops/booths/tents are open for a longer period. The sun had come out, although the ground was still pretty wet from the storm.


We searched for a close-in parking space because Don’s heel was hurting, but none was to be found so we finally paid $5 for a choice spot, the first time we’ve had to do that. Evidently a lot of other folks also decided to go shopping on the final day. Inside, the big tent was crowded too.


One of our goals was to try to exchange the pole that Don uses with the Aero Cosmetics Wash/Wax system that he uses on the motorhome. It’s the best thing we’ve found for cleaning and protecting the paint on the coach, and the best part is he doesn’t have to climb on a ladder. We don’t know what happened to the pole, but when he pulled it out of the basement storage bay a few days earlier, it wouldn’t extend properly. The nice folks at the booth happily exchanged it, so we bought another supply of cleaner from them.


We made another stop at the Escapees booth where we exchanged hugs and I picked up a supply of Escapees Magazines to give to people interested in the club along our travels.


Along with the RV show, there’s ongoing sales of rocks and minerals lasting for several months (or maybe all year?). I’m always fascinated by the giant geodes. Where are they found and how can anyone tell these huge rocks that look rather plain on the outside conceal such wondrous beauty inside?


Later we enjoyed another campfire and happy hour with the RV Driving School group.


Valerie mixed up some Texas-style Margaritas.


George taught 3-1/2 year old Sarah some new tricks on a homemade version of a teeter-totter. Sarah is Gary & Mary Olson’s granddaughter, traveling with them for a couple of weeks. She thinks George is Valerie’s dad!


Sarah’s supply of energy lasted longer than George’s, so he brought over his chair and beer while she continued to play on the logs and boards. Such simple things can become fun toys with a little imagination!


I’m not sure who had more fun – Sarah or George.


Sarah continued to charm everyone with her hula hoop, changing some of us into children again.


Okay, Carol thinks she’s got it.


Well, that didn’t work!


See, here’s how it’s done!


Is this how you start?


It used to be easier than this!


Where’s the next victim?


Would you like to try?


Nice effort.


Okay, who’s next?


Valerie gave it a try.




Okay, Larry. It’s your turn.


It worked better around his neck.


The mixture of clouds and sun made for interesting skies, and when the sun went behind them there wasn’t much of a sunset worthy of pictures.


So ends our annual trek to Quartzsite. We look forward to returning next year!