Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Belated Birthday and Other Events

Suzy LeRoy and I have enjoyed celebrating our birthdays together in the past, since they’re only 2 days apart – November 5 (mine) and November 7 (hers). However, this year we were over 1,000 miles apart at that time. We decided it was still a good idea to celebrate together; it was just a little late this year.


Our Guys, Jerry and Don, bought dinner consisting of pizza and Chicken Alfredo, both delivered to their home in the Escapees Park in Benson, AZ. After stuffing ourselves with those yummy delights, Jerry used one of his biggest and meanest-looking knives to carve and serve a delicious red velvet cake.



It topped off a wonderful evening of fun visiting with these two good friends! We look forward to spending more time with them planning for the Escapees Chapter 21 Winter Rally in Parker, AZ in January, and then seeing them on that side of the state during the rally. And Suzy knows two other women with November birthdays, so we’re looking forward to a really big birthday bash next year!

After returning to Cochise Terrace, Don and I enjoyed our simple Christmas decorations in our Arizona desert winter abode.



There are a couple of small gifts under (?) our little Christmas tree on the dash of the motorhome. And we have at least one small surprise inside the stockings that were hung with care.


We’ve already received our large gifts from each other. Don now has a heavy, sturdy, hopefully safe ladder! It’s a Little Giant Ladder, configurable in many different ways, which will give him a much better chance of avoiding injury in the future and still allow him to keep the motorhome clean and shiny.


Mine is a Droid Incredible Verizon phone. I’ve had it for two weeks and am still learning to use it. But I love it and am amazed at all the things it can do!


About 11:00 pm we decided not to wait up to see the rare lunar eclipse on this Winter Solstice night, but we awoke about 2:00 am to see it almost at the complete stage.


We send all our friends and family a sincere wish for a very happy Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) along with good health and happiness in the New Year!