Sunday, April 3, 2016

Enjoying Benson Neighbors and Friends

Don and I have really enjoyed being back on our lot in Cochise Terrace RV Resort for the past month. Today was a beautiful, slow-paced day with lots of time to visit with neighbors, take naps, plan the next week and share a meal with our friends Gloria and Frank King. The weather was perfect, warm enough to sit outside and no wind to spoil anything.


They provided the ribs and dessert, Don smoked the meat in his Orion cooker, and I made a red potato salad. We’ve had the Orion for several years, but we still marvel at the way it cooks. Don hung the ribs on racks, put on the lid, added match light charcoal, lit the fire and waited an hour and 10 minutes.





The result, yummy, juicy, tender baby back ribs, better than any you can get in a restaurant IMHO.


Yep, they practically fall off the bone!


Gloria’s dessert was yummy and almost sugar-free – fresh strawberry cheesecake!


And Gigi got lots of attention, dividing her time between my lap and Gloria’s.


The coming week will be a full one, with doctor appointments and other projects. But we’re so happy we don’t have to spend 4+ hours doing dialysis 4 days every week! Life Is Good!