Saturday, October 27, 2012


We’ve enjoyed having some friends stop by for a few days on their way west. First, Frank & Gloria King came through on the way back to their home in Folsom, CA. They had several blown-out tires on their new Montana 5th wheel recently, only to finally discover that the axle was bent. Now they’re trying to recover at least part of the big cash outlay for new tires and straightening the axle, but are getting the run-around from the manufacturer and all other parties involved. However, with those events behind them, we had a good time while they were parked on a neighbor’s RV lot a few sites away from ours in Cochise Terrace RV Resort.


Lonnie Hodge & Becky Hazen are visiting in the Escapees Saquaro RV Co-op on the other side of Benson, and they came over Tuesday night while Frank & Gloria were still here. Don smoked 4 racks of ribs in his Orion cooker, and we all chowed down. Yum! Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the ribs or the people.

Frank & Gloria left Wednesday morning. Then Rey & Loretta Armstrong arrived that afternoon on their way home to San Diego, and stayed on the same neighbor’s lot. We really appreciate Bill & Kathy letting us use their lot when they’re not here. (And, by the way, it’s for sale if anyone’s interested. It’s a nice sized, north-facing lot with a well-built shed, and a low price tag!)

Rey & Loretta were able to stay a little longer, so we played tourist with them a bit. Here they are at the Lavender Pit Mine in Bisbee, AZ.


We always enjoy visiting Bisbee, with such an interesting history as one of the largest mining operations in the early 20th century. Historic downtown buildings are beautiful examples of the varied architecture used at that time.



We did mostly window shopping, but just before leaving Loretta and I discovered a Friends of the Library book sale held in the Post Office building, where the Copper Queen Library is located on the second floor. She bought a few books and I bought a book bag.


On Friday, we took a drive north of Benson to see Gammons Gulch, an old west movie set about 12 miles from Interstate-10. Unfortunately, contrary to their web site which said they were open September-May, they were closed. So we set out in search of The Oasis Bird Sanctuary, about 15 miles further north. It, too, was closed! Oh, well, at least we saw some interesting scenery, and now we know where the two places are so we can go another time.




We returned to Benson in time for lunch at our favorite Mexican place, Nico’s Taco Shop.

Later that day Becky & Lonnie hosted a gathering for the Escapees Boomers in the area, most of whom are staying in the SKP park. It was fun to catch up with lots of friends, including Pat Livingston who was part of our Alaska adventure last summer (2011).


Don is chatting with Art Sauerstrom & Connie Carno, left, and Loretta & Rey, right. I had to tell Don to smile!


Everyone seemed to enjoy the time together, with great weather and no wind.


I leave you with one of the fun quotes we found in a shop in Bisbee. How true!