Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sis-in-Law Visits and Shopping Trips

During our time in Portland, I’ve enjoyed getting together with two of my sisters-in-law, Nancy White and Jennifer Halverson. Nan and I share interests in various handcrafts, so we had fun shopping for yarn, after we had spent another day last week shopping for clothes!

Here’s Nan showing an afghan she crocheted.


I decided to make one similar to it; here’s the yarn I bought.


I also bought yarn for the knitting class I’m scheduled to teach at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma next month. Each student will receive a knitting kit, consisting of knitting needles, darning needles, stitch holder, cable needle, point protectors, stitch counters, rings, needle measure/ruler, and an instruction book.


Nan and I selected a variety of colorful yarns for the students to use for their first project, and I bought some crochet hooks for finishing loose ends.


My next lapghan project for Soldiers’ Angels Crochet & Craft Team is one financed by my good friend Carol Jennings who writes a wonderful blog Rvers in a Shoe Box. When we saw each other recently in Quartzsite, Carol gave me a check to pay for yarn as her contribution to this worthwhile service. Thanks, Carol! This lapghan will be a patriotic red, white and blue, using the knitted patchwork pattern at the left.


Finally, I couldn’t resist a few more skeins of yarn because of sale prices and no sales tax in Oregon. A one-skein knitted scarf will be added to my own personal collection.


A couple of knitted placemats, using a table runner pattern modified for appropriate dimensions, with a dark center and light border, will soon grace our RV dining table.


Finally, last evening, just as a wind/rain storm hit, Don and I met Nan and Jen at Applebee’s. We managed to get out of the storm and get a table on a busy Valentine’s Day, and enjoyed a nice dinner.


We’re hoping the rainstorms don’t affect our travels as we depart tomorrow to head south again. Stay tuned for travel reports periodically as we pursue new adventures!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Del Rosario–Seal Wedding

Caren Malia Del Rosario and Matthew John Seal were married last evening. The beautiful wedding was held at The Tiffany Center in downtown Portland, Oregon. A light rain started to fall just as guests were arriving, but no one got soaked because the reception followed the wedding immediately in the same building. Here are selected pics to tell the story.

Don’s Aunt Della McCamey, his Sis-in-law Susan Del Rosario, her daughter Laura Kroll, and yours truly.


Don and Della.


Almost 200 of the bride’s and groom’s family and closest friends attended.


Don’s niece Lisa Nell showed Aunt Della the pearl necklace that had belonged to her grandmother, Della’s late sister Betty Del Rosario (also Don’s Mom).


Ten attendants, the Pastor and the Groom awaited the Bride.


The Bride was walked down the aisle by her Dad Jim Del Rosario and her Mom Carol McMahon Del Rosario.


The Pastor delivered a message and performed the ceremony.


The Bride and Groom exchanged personal messages and vows.




Don cleans up nicely! This is the first time he’s worn a tie since retiring in 1994.


Mother of the bride Carol McMahon Del Rosario shared a laugh with Mother of the groom Merrie Seal.


The newlyweds seemed happy and relaxed after the ceremony was over.


Uncle Don hugged the Bride…


…and congratulated the Groom.


Don’s son Craig Del Rosario and wife Liz enjoyed the reception festivities.


Jim offered a toast.


Jackson Del Rosario, Brother of the Bride and responsible for Ring Security, offered a toast.


Jon Hopkins, Best Man, offered another toast.


Laura Moore, Matron of Honor, offered yet another toast.


Cousins Sergio Nell and Craig Del Rosario enjoyed time together during the reception.


Bride and Groom shared the first bites of wedding cake. Nobody got it shoved in their face!


The Bride danced with her Dad.


The Groom danced with his Mom.


The remainder of the evening was enjoyed ‘sans camera’ – what happened at The Tiffany Center stays at The Tiffany Center! Best wishes for many long years together, Caren and Matt.