Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We enjoyed a very different Christmas than we’ve had in the past several years, spending it this year in Florida. It was nice to be among friends, some long-time, some new.

There were three gatherings in the activity center here at the Escapees Sumter Oaks RV Park. The first took place on Christmas Eve – we had heavy hors d’oeuvres and a Yankee Gift Exchange.

Don and Larry always enjoy trading stories.


Park managers Margie and Charlie Krull seemed to enjoy the evening, too.


Here are pictures taken around the room so friends might spot some people they know.







There were quite a few bottles of wine brought as gifts. As usual with this type of gift exchange, there was a lot of ‘stealing.’ Phil Devonshire was ‘robbed’ of the first bottle (the one I brought) and then found a second one.


And guess who stole the first bottle from him?


Marilyn found a bottle of wine among several goodies in this large bag.


But it wasn’t long before her (former?) friend Carolyn Jarvis stole it from her. Marilyn seemed to be serving as a ‘shopper’ for Carolyn, who not only stole that gift for her hubby Larry, but also the pillow Marilyn chose later, for herself!



Charlie was happy with his peanut brittle…


…until Don found out it was sugar free, and turned around and stole it!


My first choice, a bottle of wine, was stolen, then I got this bottle of champagne. It will be fun sharing it with friends on New Year’s Eve.


On Christmas Day, we sat at the table hosted by Carolyn and Larry Jarvis, which also included Marilyn and Larry Forbes, plus some new friends. Here’s a great shot Larry F. took of the table, with Peg & Paul Gifford in the foreground, my Don and Larry Jarvis on the far side, Carolyn and Marilyn standing, Frank & Maureen Halliday and Maureen’s daughter Donna on the other side.


The meal was delicious: ham and gravy supplied by the park (for $2/person), and accompanying dishes brought by those at each table. The system worked well, without long lines that typically occur at potluck meals. However, our choices were limited to our assigned table – no stealing allowed today!


Larry’s enjoying his new-to-him Canon camera with a powerful zoom lens.


He had to get a shot of me taking a shot of him!


Don looks great in the new Aloha shirt Santa brought him.


It seems that red was the most popular color to wear for Christmas. Carol Mercer came over the chat after dinner.


Carole and Bernie Patton stopped by, too.


Our third and final Christmas gathering was the night after Christmas, with a potluck supper of leftovers from the previous day. It was yet another fun time to share, but I didn’t get any pictures. Don and I enjoyed chatting with three solo women, Carol, Shirley and Audrey, and trading funny stories from our years on the road as lone travelers.

Now we have another couple of weeks to hang out at Sumter Oaks before getting busy with activities in the New Year, which promises to be full of new adventures!