Friday, September 18, 2015

Life Goes On

Our weekly schedule hasn’t changed, with dialysis 3x (Tu, Th, Sa) and PT 2x (W, F), plus a blood draw on Mon. We learned the hard way that we can make an appointment for the blood draw. As a walk-in, we waited 2.5 hours for a 3-minute procedure last Monday. Later that day we waited over an hour to renew my military ID. Now I’m good for another 5 years.

We’re still investigating home dialysis, but the implant of a fistula has been referred to a surgeon for in-hospital procedure because Don’s taking Warfarin. We have a consult appt. on Oct. 2.

We saw some friends from Cochise Terrace, Ben & Bonnie Ackerman, who stopped by for a visit on Wed. while their motorhome is being serviced in Tucson. They stayed in the Air Force Inn and were given the family suite – said it was really nice and only $63/night.

And another visitor came for a few days before that. Just think, Dennis Hill drove from Baltimore, MD to Livingston, TX to Tucson, AZ, just to install a new pair of windshield wiper blades on our motorhome! After all, what are friends for?



Then he drove all the way back! (Talk to Dennis if you want the rest of the story.)

Don and I went to a movie this afternoon, first time in a long time. We saw A Walk in the Woods and enjoyed it. I might read the book, as I think it probably gives a more in-depth report of the experience on the Appalachian Trail.

Tonight Don surprised me by fixing dinner! We bought a half-dozen homemade pork tamales from a couple in the Safeway parking lot, and he heated them up in the microwave. We like no-bean chili on top, so he opened the can and heated that too. Set the table, etc. This was a first since June 1! The next challenge will be washing dishes. Winking smile


Here’s tonight’s pretty sunset for your enjoyment. Notice the plane?