Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Visitors and a Dinner Party

Larry & Marilyn Forbes arrived this afternoon and came over to start our happy hour, early enough to get a tour of our lot, shed/day room and coach. Larry wanted me to try a new wine they discovered.


A little on the sweet side, but it wasn’t bad! But I still prefer the drier Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. The four of us toasted to good friends.


It was sunny and nice out, and just a tad above 60 degrees, so it was chilly enough to give Don a chance to try out his new propane fire pit. This is what the delayed Santa, that I mentioned yesterday, brought him.


It’s surprising how much heat it puts out! Don also built a wood fire in the chiminea, just for good measure in case it got colder during happy hour.


And when he poured the remaining marinade onto the tri-tips on the grill, there was yet a third fire!


The other friends arrived soon, including Bob (near Marilyn) and Barb (right of Larry) Williams, and Bob and Molly Pinner.


When the meat was done, we headed inside to enjoy a wonderful meal and friendship, chatting for a few more hours with these super people! Thanks to everyone for a special time, with an extra thanks to Molly who supplied potatoes, salad and delicious homemade rolls!


  1. Great to see you're keeping warm with all those fires going. BBQ sure looked good.

  2. Looks like a fun gathering, Sharon. And the fires look nice and warm! It sure has been chilly, hasn't it?

  3. Thanks for a GREAT dinner (and especially bearnaise!)! Love your place and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality! Hugs and see you soon!


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