Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Our drive from Palmer to Anchorage was a short one, about 40 miles for the first leg, partly in city traffic – an unusual experience lately – and 16 miles backtracking for the second leg of the trip. The first 4 hours turned out to be a little frustrating, ending with a nice, relaxing time later.

We needed to get the air filter changed on the Phaeton, so Don called the Freightliner dealer in Anchorage this morning to see if we could come in today. They said yes, bring it in around 10 am. We arrived a few minutes before 10, and they said they didn’t have the filter in stock but the ‘runner’ was getting it from another location across town. About 11:30 we decided to go find something for lunch. We got back around 12:20 and they said the part was on its way. Around 2:00 we saw them bring the motorhome into a work bay, and we learned that the part had finally arrived. The job of replacing the filter was finished in only 1/2 hour, after it took 4 hours to get the part! The paperwork only took about 10 minutes, thankfully, so we were out before 3:00 pm.

During the initial wait, about 10:30 Dennis called to say that he and Carol got a site at the RV Park on Ft. Richardson where their Datastorm satellite dish was able to connect to the satellite, despite the heavy forest surrounding the park. Dennis even found another site where he thought we could do the same, and he suggested one of us come in the car to claim it before someone else got it. So I drove the 16 miles and paid for 4 nights. It was worth the 32 miles round trip because when we parked the motorhome there later, our dish found the satellite right away! Now we have full hookups for the first time in awhile – FHU usually means electricity, water and sewer “E/W/S”, but we also want “I” = Internet! I’m catching up the laundry, and we’re both online with our computers at the same time. Life is good!

The final, very enjoyable event of the day was having dinner with Dennis and Carol at their coach tonight. Dennis grilled steaks and Carol prepared salad, corn and green beans. Afterward, we sat outside in the warm sunshine while Dennis fed bread crumbs to the birds and Beggin’ Bits to Brandy and Shadow, our 4-legged companions.

Dennis and Carol served as our Best Man and Matron of Honor 3 years ago when Don and I got married. So this was an early celebration of our anniversary coming up on Monday. Thanks, Friends. You’re very special to us!

P.S. Sorry, the camera took a day off. It will be back tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You beat us to Alaska by a year. Also you beat us to our third anniversary by 6 months. 8^)


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