Friday, June 10, 2011

Anchorage Day 3

We had both disappointments and triumphs today. Disappointment: my Kindle is still somewhere in transit. Triumph: Don bought a new Samsung computer and is about 1/3 of the way toward getting it set up as he wants it.

First the Kindle. It was originally supposed to be shipped via 1-day UPS delivery. However, since Alaska’s distance is such a long way from the lower 48, Amazon doesn’t support this quick delivery method. The email said “1-day” but verbally they said it would be around June 7 after being shipped on June 2. Today I realized Amazon changed not only the delivery time but also the delivery method. Instead of UPS, they used USPS. The address I gave them was for UPS, the Black Spruce Campground on Ft. Richardson. For USPS, I should have specified a different General Delivery address on the Army post. I checked with the campground host, who sent me to the Gen. Del. P.O. desk, who sent me to the main P.O. counter. All said they haven’t seen the package but will watch for it. Amazon’s customer service said the package could arrive late, and I should wait until June 14 before requesting a replacement delivery. So I have to accept that there’s nothing more I can do and continue to read the paperback a friend gave me to salve my withdrawal symptoms.

Now for the triumph. Don had to accept that his Dell laptop was never going to be revived.


He’s been using the tiny Acer connected to his big monitor, but not able to run all his favorite things, since the Dell took a fall and died a while ago.


Today he decided to spend some $$ and buy a new computer. He likes the Dell brand, but getting one delivered is a problem with our frequent travel and uncertain delivery dates in Alaska. We went to the local Best Buy store and found out they don’t stock the Dell model he wanted, and even they would need to have it shipped. So he decided to consider another brand. A Mac was a possibility, but it would involve a learning curve because he’s never used one before, and it might present challenges for me to help him because it’s been many years since I used a Mac, and I still use a PC. Plus, he uses a desktop Dell in the ‘shed’ on our lot in Benson, AZ, and shares programs between it and his laptop. So the final decision, partially based on an “I want it NOW” urgency, was a Samsung RC512.

Connected to his external monitor and keyboard, Don now has the look and feel of a desktop, his preference. We still haven’t resolved how to keep the external monitor running with the lid closed on the laptop (we know how, we just keep getting an ‘authorization locked’ message).


This evening, we enjoyed happy hour at the Forbes’ site.


Dinner followed, with delicious baked chickens and cole slaw, pasta salad, and fresh green beans with bacon. Can’t say we’re not well fed! In fact, I was so busy eating, I didn’t get a photo until the plates had been cleared away!


Dennis and Carol sometimes show a little fondness for each other. After almost 40 years, I think there must be something special between them!


However, we had to give them a hard time about driving to the Forbes’ site, after both the Forbes and Don & I walked down to their site (about 3 sites away) the last two nights.


We’re all enjoying our stay in Anchorage, and you can tell we like buying tourist clothing!



  1. Hi Sharon, did you come across any RV parks that looked good in Anchorage? We're heading that way and aren't eligible to stay at Fort Richardson. Looking at the on-line RV park reviews isn't inspiring me to want to stay at any of them!

  2. Karen, If you don't have a copy, I highly recommend Mike and Terri Church's "Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping." In it, they list 5 campgrounds besides the ones on military bases. They are: Creekwood Inn (>$40), Midtown RV/Camper Park ($25-30), Golden Nugget Camper Park (>$40), Centennial Camper Park ($20-25) and Anchorage Ship Creek RV Park (>$40). I haven't personally checked them out, but there are great comments on all of them in the book.


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