Saturday, May 21, 2011

Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

I found out there really IS a Watson Lake. It’s just a little farther away from the town of Watson Lake than Wye Lake, Second Wye Lake and Hour Lake. The airport is on the north side, with a primitive campground and boat ramp on the south side, where we went to take this picture.


We spent some time exploring the World Famous Sign Post Forest today.DSCN6330

There are now 17,642 signs posted, starting with the one posted in 1942 by a homesick US Army G.I., Carl K. Lindley of Danville, IL. He was working on the Alaska Highway and posted a sign pointing the way to his hometown, along with the mileage from Watson Lake. The 10,000th sign was posted in July 1990. Carl K. Lindley and his wife visited the site again in 1992, 50 years after his first post was erected.

People post signs with their names, their street, their city, a message, a license plate, whatever they wish. They use wood, metal, trays, paper plates, hub caps, even bed pans, toilet seat covers, dust pans and boots!DSCN6282










We spend time in the winter near Sierra Vista, AZ, so we noticed this sign.DSCN6293

There were a few indications of Escapees (SKPs) contributions, including North Ranch in Congress, Arizona.DSCN6294

Aguanga, California is the location of the Jojoba (pronounced ‘hohoba’) Escapees Co-op.


This pole bore more Escapees stickers on all sides than we could count!DSCN6340

A small amphitheater has been built in the center of the forest.DSCN6304

Someone else has a pet named Shadow.DSCN6309

Now there are 17,643 signs if you count the one Dennis put up today for the Escapees RV Club.


The Visitors’ Center has a mileage signpost outside the entrance. It offers an 18-minute film on the building of the Alaska Highway, and a wealth of information and brochures from knowledgeable and helpful staff.DSCN6313

This evening, we went to the Northern Lights Centre to view some films about the universe and the phenomena called ‘aurora borealis.’ It was very interesting, and will probably be the only time we’ll see the lights, since we have such long days this far north. The best time to see the Northern Lights is in the winter when the nights are long and dark.


  1. Don't give up on the Aurora - I saw it a couple of times in August, many years ago... around 2 in the morning, down near Juneau.

    So fun to remember my long ago trip when reading your posts!

  2. Thanks for the very complete and most enjoyable display of the signs! When we were there (on a caravan) we had very limited time to visit the sign posts, so your show was a delight! One of the couples on our caravan left a sign, so at least we have a shade of representation there! We also had a nice boat tour on Watson Lake.

  3. Browsing through your pics, I saw a lot of signs for places we've been too. Interesting spot!

  4. Oooh, I liked the sign from Livingston, TX! It is a small world! Thanks for all the GREAT photos! Hugs, C


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