Friday, May 20, 2011

Out of Touch For Two Days

Darn! I thought we’d have Internet access in the Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Campground, but I was sadly mistaken. Although there were lots of trees, we should have been able to shoot the satellite dish above them and connect online. In this pic, the dish is searching, but pointed in the wrong direction.


Try as we might, we never got connected. So we had another couple of days of being out of touch. Even Jim’s cell phone with Canadian coverage (which he generously shares with us) didn’t connect. We must have been too far from a cell tower.

To catch up on the last few days, I’ll just post some photos and a few comments.

It was cloudy, but the scenery was still pretty spectacular.DSCN6197

Caribou seemed to be unaware that we were passing by.DSCN6204

I never get tired of taking pics of our incredible surroundings.DSCN6209

Bison are plentiful here.DSCN6214

We hosted happy hour.DSCN6219

When it started raining, we all huddled under the awning.DSCN6226

It took about 10 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the hot springs.DSCN6233 

It was worth it to enjoy the hot mineral waters.DSCN6252

Sometimes you get lucky with wildlife and have a chance to capture them without a problem. This Mom and her baby were on the left side of the road when I spotted them. I slowed, then stopped as she meandered across the highway, seemingly unaware of our presence.DSCN6255

But later, I spotted a black bear on a hill to the right. As fast as I could point him out to Don, he turned and ran into the woods out of sight. It was our first bear sighting, but no way to get a picture.

We crossed over from British Columbia to the Yukon Territory today.DSCN6260

We’re staying in the town of Watson Lake, home of about 1,000 people and Wye Lake. Why is the town named Watson Lake and not Wye Lake? I hope to find out.


Watson Lake is also the home of the famed Sign Post Forest. We’ll explore that tomorrow.

We had our usual happy hour, this time in the shade of trees that line the western border of our RV park.


Then we drove to a restaurant about 15 miles up the road for dinner.DSCN6269

Don’s steak was overpriced, but good. I chose to wait to eat dinner until we returned home, because nothing on the menu appealed to me. The gift shop was full of overpriced ‘tourist’ goods, but there were several outstanding works by a local woodcarver, like this 3-D inside of the entry door.



  1. Hi, Glad you are back on the air. Missed your posts and photos! The carving is beautiful--and love the animal photos! Hugs, C

  2. Needed to see more photos of the hot springs -- with you guys soaking it up! But you're alive and well and loving the trip, and that's good!

  3. Enjoying your trip and all the
    great pictures. We are Pat L.'s
    relatives and are following all
    of you on this fabulous trip!
    Doing a fine job...thank you


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