Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Last Day in Dawson Creek

It was a really busy day, and it’s now after 10 pm and we need to get up early to hit the road tomorrow. But I just have to share some of this day’s experiences. The weather continued to be clear, warm and just slightly breezy. We aren’t complaining about that.

Don and I did part of the walking tour of downtown Dawson Creek by car, since he’s still having some pain in his heel from last summer’s ladder accident. He drove slowly, made lots of U-turns and circled blocks while I read the commentary of places that seemed interesting to us. I took over 200 pics today; here are some of them, most of which are self-explanatory.

A restaurant and video store burned a few weeks ago, but we heard that no one was injured and the hair salon next door and the historic Alaska Hotel were spared.







The motorhome in the background just happened along at the right time! And they honked and waved at us!DSCN5814


Off on another adventure this evening, with all 12 of our group in 3 cars.


Sewell Valley Game Farm, about 30 miles from Dawson Creek.DSCN5821

I couldn’t find a web site for the farm, but click here to read a brief review someone wrote. Approximately 1500 acres are home to 11 species of wild animals, and Gary and Delleen Sewell are the owners and hosts for visitors to this unique farm.

There are several ponds/small lakes on the property. The one beside the dinner area had some paddle boats, so Pat and Jim decided to try one out.


We had a wonderful dinner that included some of the meat from animals they raise, including Bison and Venison, accompanied by several delicious salads and scrumptious desserts.

We took a walking tour to see many of the animals, some of which seemed to pose for the pictures.






Then we took a hay ride to see more animals.


Spike accompanied us everywhere.





You might not recognize this wild animal since I couldn’t get a good close-up shot. The mosquito has recently proliferated in this area, and we experienced swarms of them!


Carol’s a cat lover, and she found a wild animal to talk to.


Tomorrow I get the honor of driving the first leg of the Alaska Highway!


  1. Wonderful photos! Thank you for taking us along with you! I love the flat-faced store fronts! So different from CA! And the photo with everyone under the sign. That is a keeper! It says it all!
    And cute animal photos! Seems like you are having a great trip!

  2. Great photos of everything - buildings, mile zero, people and animals. Good luck tomorrow driving the Alaska Highway!

  3. We are reliving our 2005 trip through your eyes, your camera, and your words. You'll see so many things we did see, and so many we didn't see. Yay!


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