Sunday, May 22, 2011

Somewhere Between Teslin and Whitehorse

This blog entry will be brief because we have limited Internet access. We had planned to stay in Teslin with a water/electric hookup for about $19, as our friends Jan & Ken Tilton paid when they stayed there a couple of weeks ago. When we stopped around lunchtime, Dennis reported that the rate is now $28! We ate lunch in the restaurant, regrouped and decided to head on down the road a little further.

Dennis found a nice large pull-out with plenty of room for our 6 rigs, without impeding other travelers.


It rained on and off all day, and we changed positions a few times in our ‘loosey-goosey’ caravan. At one point, the three Tiffins (Forbes, Olsons and us) were traveling together. Later, we followed Jean and Claudette, with Jim and Pat in front of them while Dennis and Carol led the pack (not visible in this pic).


The scenery was gorgeous, with snow-capped mountains receiving even more snow, and lakes, streams and rivers appearing beside the road, frequently still icy because of a late thaw.



We saw another black bear just after crossing the Continental Divide, but weren’t able to get the camera ready fast enough for a picture.

Our group decided to go to Skagway tomorrow instead of Whitehorse. We are a little ahead of the ‘plans set in Jello’ for reaching Tok, Alaska, where several of us expect to receive our mail around June 1. And the weather isn’t conducive for driving over Top Of The Mountain Road right now, as some of us planned. So, we’ll shake the Jello, change plans and go see Skagway now instead of later.


  1. Sharon, what a difference a couple of weeks makes in rates. :( We did purchase fuel there also at the $.03 per litre discount and that may have had some bearing on the price of the campground but who knows. Regardless, it sounds like you're all having a good time, and that's what really counts. Jan & Ken

  2. Hi Sharon,

    It's me again. Where will you be camping in Skagway? If you want to pay a few extra bucks, it's fun to stay at Pullen Campground in the paved area overlooking the cruise ships coming in. We found an excellent seafood restaurant going out toward the cruise ships and the second one I think it was a red building. You don't need to post this one. Jan

  3. Jell-O is meant to be stirred, shaken, and have interesting tidbits added along the way. You guys are having the trip of a lifetime, and you are making the best of it. Yay for you, and thanks for sharing the trip with all of us down here in the lower 48!

  4. We are preparing to leave for Alaska on June 3 so are closely following your blog. Have been wondering about driving the South Klondike down to Skagway (Hubby is nervous about the 11% 11.5 mi grade as you approach Skagway.) So, will be interested to hear your thoughts - i.e. 'not too bad' or 'what were we thinking!!!'.


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