Thursday, May 26, 2011

Larry Does It Again!

Tonight we attended the Frantic Follies in Whitehorse, YT. The cast selected a few people from the audience to take part in various parts of the performance. The final one brought to the stage was our own Larry Forbes! He must have a ‘look’ about him that attracts actors.

Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures. I took them with my phone because I left the camera at home – on purpose, because the last time I took pics at a performance, most of them didn’t turn out clear.




Now Larry has a souvenir garter, along with a big kiss on his head!


It’s late, and although the sun’s still shining (at almost 11 pm), I’m going to wait until tomorrow to write about the rest of our day.

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  1. Larry has all the luck. Last time I removed a lady's garter, it was nearly 51 years ago, and the lady was my brand new bride. Suzy still has that garter tucked away.


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