Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Sunny Day in Fairbanks and a Few Other Things

The changes I made yesterday to comments on my blog seem to have had a positive effect on the number of people leaving comments, whereas I thought it might do the reverse. Or maybe it was just that I wrote things that more people wanted to comment on. So, thanks to all who commented!

Sandi asked me to post a link to the instructions for transferring pictures from a Droid to a computer. Sorry I failed to do that, Sandi. Here’s the link. I’m investigating an easier way to do this, because the process seems a little cumbersome, but I haven’t found it yet. If any other readers know of a Droid App that connects to Picasa, let me know.

Dennis and Carol arrived at the River’s Edge RV Park this morning. We reserved the site next to us for them, since it became available earlier and we knew they could get satellite access there. Plus, we like them as neighbors! We were blessed with another wonderful day of sunshine, so they stopped to wash their coach on the way here, and Don spent part of the afternoon applying Dri-Wash to ours.

Carol and I did some “shopping therapy” at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts this afternoon. I took advantage of a sale on Vanna’s yarn plus a couple of coupons I got online, so now I have yarn for another lapghan for Soldiers’ Angels. I still have some leftover yarn, too, but I couldn’t pass up a sale! I’ll probably never run out of knitting projects. (Don’t tell Don, but the storage under our bed is almost full of yarn!)

We enjoyed happy hour during the warm part of the day, actually choosing to sit in the shade beside our coach because it was too hot in the sun!


Carol modeled my knitted beret. I think it looks better on her than me. But I’m not giving it up!


Then Dennis had to model it, too.


Now that’s just WRONG!


Don made his famous Santa Maria style Tri-Tip for dinner. We’ve been promising this meal to Dennis and Carol for some time. A Tri-Tip roast is just the perfect amount for 4 people. The method of cooking that Don uses requires that the meat is untrimmed; it needs the fat to give it flavor.  Untrimmed Tri-Tip is hard to find, and we’ve had this one in the freezer for a couple of months. Of course, the fat is trimmed off before serving. But a bite or two of that tasty (but bad for you) fat might find it’s way into someone’s mouth! (But Don doesn’t know that I know that!)


Accompaniments included asparagus, salad and baked potatoes. We ate on the table outside Dennis and Carol’s motorhome so we didn’t have to share our table with the BBQ grill on it.


There’s no doubt we all enjoyed our dinner!


We wanted to thank Dennis and Carol for their planning and direction on this trip. Their experience has made such a big difference in knowing the best places to go, how long to stay, what to see and do in each location, etc. It has been a wonderful tour of Alaska, and we have enjoyed every minute! I can’t believe we’ll be heading back to Canada in a few days and on south toward the lower 48. We may have to plan another trip here in a few years. There’s so much to see and do, and places we want to re-visit.

The pet bed that was too small for Shadow found a new home, since I couldn’t get in touch with the seller – phone disconnected, web site address didn’t work, and we aren’t returning to Anchorage to the street market to return/exchange it. Rainbow checked it out, but it didn’t quite suit her.


I think Patches claimed it as her own. Glad to know this nice pet bed won’t be wasted.



  1. Glad you still having a GREAT time... the food look scrumptious!!!
    Travel safe

  2. Your Droid should come with the Gallery app, which is a Google app. Run Gallery, select the album and you then have a share icon, which looks like a "Y", on the bottom. One choice is Picasa.

  3. I know what you mean about all of a sudden feeling this wonderful tour of Alaska is drawing to a close. It just hit me yesterday as we prepare to leave Seward, retrace our steps to Anchorage and start driving south. I'm sorry to see it end, but know it has too (like all good things!)

  4. has to! (is there no way to edit comments?)


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