Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Day in Fairbanks

We’re winding down our Alaska tour and getting ready to point the wheels southward. Yesterday and today were quiet days as far as reporting new things. We’ve taken care of finishing our shopping, doing the laundry and going over the motor home with Dri-Wash.

Don and I enjoyed lunch yesterday at Pagoda Restaurant in North Pole, where we went to check on a mailing we’re expecting. This is another one of Guy Fieri’s recommendations. The food was delicious and only $11.95 each. He had Sweet & Sour Pork.


I had Kung Pau Shrimp.


A beautiful, heavy pot of tea was served automatically.


Today we celebrated Mary Olson’s birthday at happy hour. It’s not until Thursday, but Jean and Claudette are leaving the group tomorrow to head south and they wanted to help celebrate.


The Olsons and Fradettes showed off their Arctic shirts, purchased on a 3-day trip (by air) to the Arctic Ocean.


Afterward, the 8 of us (Olsons, Fradettes, Hills, us) went to Big Daddy’s BBQ again. Yummy ribs – more than we could eat!


And I love the southern-style fried okra.


The wait staff brought Mary a huge piece of chocolate cake (with 8 spoons) and sang Happy Birthday.


So, our group is separating, as we knew we’d do. Pat & Jim are somewhere out in the wild beyond cell phone service, and Marilyn & Larry are in Anchorage awaiting their new refrigerator. We’ll probably be linking up with them again.

It’s been a great time traveling together, and there are still some new adventures to experience as we head back toward the Lower 48. After all, we have over 3,000 miles to go to reach Gillette, WY for Escapade, and a little over a month to do it.


  1. oooh, I feel like I am losing a good friend, Alaska! It has been a great trip and I have looked forward to reading "our" adventures every morning! Thanks for taking us along with you!
    Travel safely and keep in touch! Hugs, Carol & Larry. (P.S. We have gained 10 lbs. just reading the blog, smile!)

  2. Can't wait to see you guys at the Escapades.. Are you coming in early?


  3. Can't believe it's time for you to head south yet. Thanks for taking us along on your trip to Alaska - it's been great sitting here in the comfort of home and seeing all the great scenery and sights.

    I'll bet you'll miss those ribs when you head back!

  4. Glad we could -- kinda -- share this trip to Alaska! See you in the lower 48.


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