Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kayaks Got Wet!

Paxson Lake was a beautiful place to go kayaking. Carol, Dennis, Don and I went out about 10 this morning. Pat Livingston took all the pictures below and kindly shared them with me, since the camera I usually take in the kayak had a dead battery and I forgot to charge it in advance. Thanks, Pat!

Anchorage-Keni-Fairbanks Alaska 2011 794

We launched at the boat ramp near our BLM campground. Hills are on the left, we’re on the right.

Anchorage-Keni-Fairbanks Alaska 2011 795

I was the first one in the water (and the last one out).

Anchorage-Keni-Fairbanks Alaska 2011 799

Don and I were out in the water.

Anchorage-Keni-Fairbanks Alaska 2011 800

Soon we were joined by Dennis and Carol.

Anchorage-Keni-Fairbanks Alaska 2011 802Anchorage-Keni-Fairbanks Alaska 2011 803Anchorage-Keni-Fairbanks Alaska 2011 804

It felt great to be floating again!

Anchorage-Keni-Fairbanks Alaska 2011 801

The water was like glass, it was so smooth. You can see the Alaska Range of mountains in the distance.

Anchorage-Keni-Fairbanks Alaska 2011 797

We saw a Golden Eagle – in fact, got up close and personal with it – and lots of Arctic Terns. Dennis got pictures and they are on his blog, along with a lot of other pictures of our day. He also went to the far side of the lake and spotted some Grizzly tracks. We saw tiny fish swimming just below the surface, and the water was so clear we could see the bottom of this shallow lake most of the time. The lake is probably fed by snow runoff because there was no glacier ‘muddy’ appearance. It’s linked to the Gulkana River that runs 47 miles from Paxson Lake to Sourdough.

Our paddling was almost effortless, and the environment was blissfully peaceful. We heard the birds chirping their own communication, and even heard the very recognizable sound of Loons in the distance, but didn’t see any up close.

Larry and Marilyn caught up with us tonight after getting a new refrigerator in Anchorage. Glad to have you two back with us! We decided to stay here another day to enjoy nature and the great weather.


  1. Wow that really looked like fun!!! The views were fabulous!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Good pix of your activities. We have never kayaked, but have often thought it would be great. Glad you guys got out there and wet the kayaks but not yourselves!

  3. Thelma and Dave MiddletonJuly 23, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    Looks fabulous! Have really enjoyed sharing your Alaska adventures. Hope your plans include stopping at Hyder, AK on your trip back to the lower 48. Hope it is cooler than down here in Huntingdon, PA. We are at the Escapees Chapter 20 rally and it is 105 degrees!! HOT HOT HOT. Hope to see you all at Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina. Enjoy and be safe.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful! So glad that you could get out in your kayaks at last. We didn't make it to Paxson Lake but it sure looks wonderful.


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