Wednesday, January 13, 2016


We are happy to be in Quartzsite for the big RV show this year, as we missed it last year when we were in Florida. It’s great to have full hookups at Rice Ranch North. No great amenities, but 50 Amps, water and sewer can’t be beat. We were joined later today by Stu & Sandy Dutcher, in the Dolphin motorhome.


Don arranged to have dialysis in Blythe, just across the border in California, during our two weeks here. His first session was today, and it went well. While he was gone, I waited for the Satellite Advantage installer to come and install our new DirecTV Slimline satellite dish on the roof. It replaced our aging MotoSat dish that was about 8 years old and had become very problematical. When it didn’t work upon our arrival here, Don said it was time to replace it and this is a good place to get that done.

Besides having an easier-to-use and more reliable unit, with a 5-year warranty, the component cabinet got a huge facelift. Here are before and after pictures.



Earlier today we took advantage of the availability of onsite awning replacement by ShadePro and had all 4 slide-out awnings replaced. They were starting to wear and would have started ripping apart soon. We now have a 5-year warranty on them as well.



We didn’t have to move the motorhome for either installation – that’s just the way business is done here in Quartzsite, unlike almost anywhere else that we could have gotten the same products.

Our arrival here on Monday was greeted by our friends Bill & Jan Mains. We enjoyed beer, pizza and other goodies at Silly Al’s, a favorite for many years.


Yesterday, we saw a few other friends here in the desert.

Dennis…with Mark in the background.




Carol, Kathy, Dortha, with Ed and Mark in the background.


Dortha hugging Frank, with Ed in the background.


Dortha, Mark, Mark, Carlin.




Us with Nancy and George.


Susie is the only one in line aware that I was taking a picture. Hot dogs and chili were good.


Mickey has pretty new teeth!


How great to see Frank & Gloria again – it’s been a long time since either of us have been on the road.


There was a big gathering of Escapees RV Club members this afternoon, but we had to miss it. Don was in Blythe for his dialysis session, and I was home waiting for the satellite dish installer. But we’ll go to the second gathering tomorrow afternoon, and I know there will be lots and lots of hugs awaiting. It’s so good to be among so many of our RV friends again. And it’s so good to be able to easily write and publish blog posts.


  1. We got hugs Tuesday but you can stop by our Geocaching BOF information table and the Boomer table for more hugs Thursday.

  2. Great blog. We really enjoyed having dinner with you two. I know it gets busy and I'm so glad we had a chance to have an enjoyable evening without sharing you with the other million people you know.

  3. Does this mean you got Open Live Writer to work? I still had some trouble, but today I uninstalled and reinstalled and all is WELL!! I'm writing an article for my newsletter about it ... would love to add your comments.

  4. Good to see you made it to Q. Sounds like you are all doing well. Keep Blogging!!


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