Thursday, January 14, 2016

Escapees Happy Hour

Don and I were happy to attend the second day of this event this afternoon, and we enjoyed seeing so many friends and getting lots of hugs and sharing stories. Frank and Don are old buddies.


Duane and Jean are the new assistant Escapade directors. They’ll do a great job.


Judy discussed geocaching with Judy and Clark.


It’s always great to see Lonnie & Becky.


Who’s this guy, so serious?


I missed the joke – must have been a good one!


Smile! You’re on camera!


Lots of people enjoying good weather, music and conversation.


Gabe was a little camera shy, and Cathie’s so understandably proud of her grandson! (P.S. We heard that Gabe has a little brother on the way!)


Uh oh, Dennis got ahold of the mike – we love hearing “Mom” stories…over and over…really we do!


Later we had dinner at Mountain Quail Cafe with Stu & Sandy.


Our group grew to 8, but we had to split up and sit at 2 different tables across the room. Tom, Pat, Frank & Gloria got their food and finished eating before we got served. The restaurant has a “Help Wanted” sign out front, so we should have known what to expect.


Our food finally came, and it was mostly wrong, but we finally got everything sorted out.


Tomorrow will be a dialysis day for Don in Blythe. His appointment time is later than yesterday, so he’ll be driving back about dinner time. I’ll probably eat at home and he’ll grab a bite on the way.

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  1. Looks like the second day was even better than the first.


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