Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Our 6-hour ferry ride went well today, and we met some nice Escapees, Helen and Drake, when we were in line to board the ferry. Here you can see our rig and Denny & Susie’s.


We’re now at a boondocking site near Port aux Basques, with water and dump station.


We’ll stay here overnight, then get more info and details from the visitor center tomorrow to help firm up our plans for travels the next week or so.

Sorry this blog post is short, but will try to do more soon. I also skipped several days, so take a look at Susie & Denny’s blog for her great reports.


  1. Are you returning via the same ferry or are you taking the longer ferry from the other end of the island? We're making that trip next summer.

    1. J.C., we're probably going to return the same way. The other ferry is not only a lot more expensive, it's also 14 hours long, and we got a little bored with the 6-hour trip. We'll have to backtrack, but the cost of diesel won't be as much as the price difference.

    2. Are you going all the way to St. Johns on the eastern shore? Are you going up to St Anthony's on the northern tip? Just curious. We will be following along with your blog with great interest! 8^)

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Now comes the hard part, deciding what you want to see.

  3. Have a great time and don't forget to kiss the cod!!!!


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