Friday, July 18, 2014

Kona Beach and Icebergs!

Last night was spent in Deer Lake at the Royal Canadian Lodge, where we saw a family of ducks waddle in formation across the grass. They turned left to go down the walkway toward the memorial, then turned right to go across the other side of the grass. Wonder who was calling cadence?


It rained off and on during the afternoon, evening and night, but dawned sunny and pretty this morning.

Today we had a short drive of about 80 miles in our rigs to South Brook, and are staying a few nights at Kona Beach Campground. It’s very different from the Kona Coast in Hawaii, of course, but I suspect that’s where it got its name. As we drove in, the manager met us and said they were full, but then he said wait and he’d see if he had two sites. Hurray, he did! Denny & Susie are parked facing a small lake, with 20 amps and water.


Our site is bigger, with 30 amps and water, and we have lots of shade. So we get to enjoy each other’s sites by visiting back and forth.


We arrived early enough to get parked and set up, then have a day’s touring adventure. We drove about 20 miles to King’s Point for lunch at By The Sea Inn & CafĂ©. We chatted with a couple who flew up from South Carolina for a 2-week vacation on Newfoundland. They used to own a motorhome, so they understood our lifestyle. She took this picture of us on the deck.


After lunch a brief stop to shop was in order with this pottery store across the street. In addition to beautiful locally-made pottery, they have a large variety of wood and fabric craft items. What an interesting place! You can look for their website as they do mail order as well. (Sorry I can’t give you the URL as I’m not online right now. Just Google King’s Point Pottery.)


The biggest excitement of the day was when we reached Harry’s Harbour and saw this big iceberg.


We retraced our path in the car and drove out to Beachside and saw several more further out in the ocean, but my zoom focus didn’t bring them in very clearly.


But on the way back we spotted this large berg. It’s also a little blurry, but it was farther out than the first one.


We’re very lucky that the icebergs are still around this late in the season. It may be due to the extremely harsh winter they had here. We couldn’t have asked for better weather today, and our tour was delightful!

We have no Internet access at our current campsite, and it has been limited for the past several days, so I’m skipping some of our adventures. This blog post is being sent from Eddy’s Restaurant down the street. Tomorrow we’re driving to a location where we hope to spot a whale or two, and maybe some more icebergs. I’ll post again when I can.


  1. I'm so proud that I remembered to wear red today too. You really lucked out with the RV park.

  2. We're sure enjoying your posts and your photos! Those icebergs are spectacular! Safe travels & Hugs, J&C


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