Sunday, June 29, 2014

Welcome to Nova Scotia!

(Note: this is my second blog post today, since I couldn’t get it to upload yesterday.)

We had a good travel day, and it’s great to be entering another Canadian Province. I was barely able to get these first two shots through the windshield as we crossed the border from New Brunswick.


The Provincial flags make a nice display at the border, as well as the great lighthouse and sign above.


Although some of the scenery is similar to what we’ve seen in QC and NB, some of it is different. We look forward to exploring NS more, much more!

This is our first sighting of huge windmills in Canada like those that proliferate in the lower 48.


We didn’t mind paying $5.25 at the toll booth (cheap at twice the price), especially because the road shows that they actually spend money on maintaining it, unlike some of the U.S. states we’ve been in lately and paid a lot more for tolls only to drive on rough, worn-out pavement.


I took the second leg of the drive, and felt like I had drawn the short straw. Traffic got heavier, hills got steeper, and for the last 20 miles, the road got twisty and really narrow. But we made it safely to our destination at Wayside Campground, got parked and settled, and had a good visit with some fellow Escapees under shade trees with absolutely perfect temperatures.


Hugs were shared as we got acquainted with new friends.


Denny, Susie and I went to a local restaurant nearby, The Finer Diner, based on the local’s recommendation.




It was a nice meal, but it will take me awhile to get used to paying $13-17 for a sandwich. But I found out that the British influence in NS means they know what malt vinegar is! Now I have to come back for fish ‘n chips.


After dinner we took a short drive.


Don & I are itching to put our kayak in these waters.



And we’ll have to make time to visit this place.


We’re planning to stay here for a week, maybe more, and I know there will be lots of adventures.


  1. I'll bet they have excellent fish and chips. Make sure you use malt vinegar on your fries.

  2. Peggy's cove is a delightful place to visit. Their lighthouse was turned into a post office. Hope it still exists. One day the sun is out and bright; next day cannot see in front of you because the fog rolled in. On a sad note, Nova Scotia has several memorials due to plane/ship accidents. However, the town/province does a good job with the memorials. Enjoy.
    Lynn Cross

  3. You did good on the welcome to NS sign. I had to walk back down from the visitor center.

  4. We had sticker shock last year on our visit to Nova Scotia as well. It is beautiful though.

  5. You sure are in a beautiful part of Canada. Great photos! Enjoy your stay in Nova Scotia.


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