Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fundy Bay, a Parade and First Lobster!

(Note: I wrote this post yesterday, Sat. 6/28, but couldn’t upload it.)

The significant event of the day, something Don has looked forward to for a long time, is that he had his first whole lobster in Canada! He gave me one of the first bites. And later he shared the best part, the tail. Yummm!


But I get ahead of myself. On our way into the town of Alma, we saw signs for the Alma Lobster Shop that said we could eat it on picnic tables there or take it with us. It sounded like our kind of place. It turned out to be a good choice.


Don chose his lobster and it was expertly broken apart by the shop staff.


He had no trouble devouring the whole thing!


Susie and I had seafood chowder, and Denny chose a different item on the menu.


Prior to lunch we visited Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy and saw the flowerpots during low tide. The Bay of Fundy lies between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and is 170 miles long. It has the highest tidal range in the world, averaging 47.5 feet and reaching up to 53.5 feet! Flowerpots have been formed by fractures and erosion of sandstone over millions of years.


Denny and Susie made it all the way down to the muddy beach and walked among the rocks that stand tall at low tide and almost disappear at high tide. See their blog for more info and pictures of our day.


Later, after lunch, we learned that a parade was about to start in the town of Alma. It was easy to find parking and we sat on a curb in the shade just in time as it started.



This Ford Crestline was built in Canada in 1952-54. I’m not sure what year this one is, or whether it has been customized as well as restored, but it’s a beauty.


We all enjoyed the dogs and horse dressed like lobsters.


They were sponsored by the Alma Lobster Shop where we had lunch.


Another beautiful restoration/customization.


Several fire trucks from Alma and surrounding towns/villages participated. But there was only one Firehouse Dalmatian.


After the parade ended, we walked through town and did a little shopping (but not buying). We saw our first moose in New Brunswick (other than those on the highway signs).


There were a couple of cute T-shirts. I liked this one.


This one’s for Frank King.


Then we followed the horse/lobster back up the street. Oops! I guess it was time for taking care of business.


Next we visited the lighthouse at Cape Enrage. The light keeper's home has been turned into a restaurant. They have lobster tacos on the menu…I might have to come back!



We watched people on the zipline but decided not to try it ourselves.



What a great day with good friends!


P.S. For those not on Facebook, here are 3 pics I posted from our site Friday night in Port Elgin. Notice the difference in water level between us and the B&B across the water in a 6-hour span, due to extreme tides. And this is across the Province from the Bay of Fundy.




And here’s a bonus: George Canyon, an award-winning Canadian country singer, entertained at a gas station down the street because the station had sold over 10,000 of his CDs. I never saw a concert at a gas station before!



  1. Finally, Don gets his lobster. How many months has he been waiting for it? There is a zipline canopy ride here in the Mayberry area. It seems like a lot of money but I'm still tossing it around.


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