Saturday, May 10, 2014

Escapade Prep

We moved about 15 miles yesterday morning in a rainstorm from the Elkhart Campground to the County Fairgrounds in Goshen. We’re parked in an area they call “the hill” where the sites aren’t very wide and there’s no grass, but we have 50-amps full hook-ups. And the neighborhood is nice, with Frank & Gloria King beside us, and Larry & Marilyn Forbes and W.C. and Leslie Earnst behind us.


The Kings and the Earnsts have helped us the past few years with the Volunteer/Information desk at Escapade. Not only are they all great and competent workers, we really enjoy their company!

As often happens at fairgrounds, maximum use is made of the facilities, and sometimes two different groups overlap. Early this morning the parking lots started to fill up with cars, trucks and Amish horse-drawn buggies. A huge auction took place and lasted several hours.





This afternoon all the staff members helped stuff information bags for everyone attending the rally. A long assembly line was formed on both sides of the tables, and one of every brochure was placed in a yellow plastic bag. (Sorry for the blurry picture.)


Marilyn Forbes laid all the full bags in a container to be parked beside the registration tables later.


Don hung the white board for the Volunteer desk. Yes, he did climb on the ladder, but I was nearby.


Later, he wrote on it all the various areas needing volunteers, while W.C. and Leslie observed.


I caught Wallace Lewis, Escapade Assistant Director, giving someone a finger!


Don took a break to talk over some serious Navy stories with Bob Guthrie.


Mary Olson is always ready to smile at the camera. But I caught her with her eyes closed!


Larry Forbes pretended to be important by carrying around a clipboard.


Mary, Gloria, Leslie and I draped the sides of our tables and put white plastic on top.


The rally’s mail room was opened by Paula Serra, retired Postmaster. Her hubby Carlin, with his back to us, worked on problem solving with Wayne Roberts, left, and Frank King. Gloria King is behind Frank.


Bryan Rose gave out pre-ordered rally shirts, while his wife Jane (left) looked on.


The official color of the event shirt is white this year, but there were other options that some people preferred. I really like the peach color and wish I had ordered that instead of white.


The Parking Crew work very hard to get all the RVs parked safely and expeditiously during the first few days of the rally, with staff and Boot Camp attendees and instructors arriving early, then the majority of attendees arriving on Saturday and Sunday. They all wear orange, and some of them get pretty creative with their outfits.


This picture is especially for Dennis Hill who loves orange. You’ll have to ask Michelle Jarvis to share her orange boa with you!


Bob and Molly Pinner, Escapade Directors, have worked hard for many, many weeks to direct the planning for the rally.


This evening there was an appreciation dinner for Escapade staff. Nell Dahl and her sweet mother Blondie enjoyed a glass of wine together before dinner was served.


Carlin Serra will be turning 80 on Wednesday, and he was surprised with a cake and cards at his table.


We were honored to sit with Carlin and Paula. Frank (a beer connoisseur) and Gloria gave Carlin a special 6-pack of beer, which he shared.


The candles were lit (but NOT 80 of them).


And he blew them all out.


Tomorrow all the staff will be at their assigned posts, ready to welcome hundreds of RVers as they arrive. Our weather has been beautiful since the morning of rain on Friday, and we’re hoping it continues for the rest of the week.

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  1. It looks like a lot of work to prepare for these rally's but all of you always seem to have great fun doing it. Good luck with the rally and the weather.


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