Friday, May 16, 2014

Escapade Is Over

Or almost over, just a dance party tonight and hitch-up breakfast in the morning. It has been a busy time, and Don & I could hardly believe the days went so fast. We’ve had a wonderful time with lots of friends, working at the Volunteer/Info/Lost & Found desk, sharing meals and hugs, and attending evening sessions with door prize drawings and entertainment. I even won one of the door prizes, a collection of gift certificates totaling $55. We’ve used $40 worth and will be in the area for a few more days, so I hope we get to use the rest.

Facebook members have seen some of the pictures I took, since I posted them as a quick-and-easy way to share. Here are some of those and several more.

Our team at work, with Frank & Gloria King and W.C. and Leslie Earnst.


Part of the registration team, Taree & Vic Schrubb and Fred Adkins.


The Escapees RV Club booth.


The CARE (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees) booth.


Opening session.


Dinner with Mains and Kings.


When The Homestead Pickers performed, they got Bob Pinner up on stage with a rooster hat. They sang “Ghost Chickens in the Sky” (to the tune of “Ghost Riders in the Sky”) and Bob added his rooster calls at appropriate (or inappropriate) places. What a hoot!

Bob Pinner with The Homestead Pickers

Susie Orr always has a nice smile!


Denny Orr has to be caught on the fly.


Bob Pinner’s transportation on the fairgrounds (most people have golf carts), in Dennis Hill’s favorite color.


It rained!


A lot!


Mark Nemeth and Bob Pinner.


Mary & Norm setting up for the SKP Genies on The Row.


Travis & Melanie at the SKP Badge booth.


Nick & Terry at the Gypsy Journal booth.


Smart cars are golf carts with windows.


It rained some more!


Bob & Sue stopped by to say hello.


In addition to the rain, it got cold. Valerie was prepared.


Gary and George weren’t as bundled up.


Wayne, Beth and Marilyn came by for hugs.


Lots of volunteers forgot to come back to the Volunteer desk to get their souvenir pin and door prize ticket, so they had to do it at the beginning of the closing session. Don’s white shirt can barely be seen among them.


Bill & Jan & I had a good time at Evert’s RV happy hour with free Margaritas, wine and snacks. I hope the company sold lots of RVs to pay for all the goodies.


Next year’s Escapade will be in Tucson, AZ. We will go there from our lot in Benson, 31 miles away! See all y’all there!


  1. Were Kay Peterson, Kathy and Bud there during the rally?

    1. They came for one day just before the rally started, but Bud had some health issues that needed attention back in Livingston, so he and Cathie returned and Kay went with them.

  2. Love the photos. I didn't realize it rained that hard, must have been too busy to notice.

  3. Sure looks like the rain didn't dampen anyone spirits at all.

    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News

  4. Looks like you had fun regardless of the cold and the rain.

  5. It rained and it rained and it rained some more. I don't think it ever stopped. But we had fun in between the drops. I can't believe you got a picture of Denny in a shirt other than yellow. They all must of all gotten wet.

  6. Yes rain and more rain and then still more rain...but finally we got the sunshine and boy was it a welcome sight. Didn't stop our fun at the Escapade.

    Glad Sharon you won a door prize, can't think of a better recipient. Always good seeing the two of you at the "welcome table" and your smiles and hugs makes us all feel welcome. See you guys at the next Escapade.


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