Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Hour Day 2, A Birthday and A Move

The second day of Escapees Happy Hour was again held under beautiful blue skies, but there were fewer people attending.


The big event that was celebrated was Charlie Goss’s big 7-0 birthday. Jim Kimmins was our entertainer for the day, and he led all of us singing the birthday song to Charlie. Lookin’ good there, Charlie! And I like your revision of the definition of “old” – it’s definitely at least 80!


Dennis has been getting his RZR out in the desert. You can tell by the layer of dust on it.


Don had a chat with long-time friend Dave Neal next to Carol and Dennis Hill’s new motorhome.


After the event ended, Don and I went into town for a little shopping. You can find almost anything at The Gambler’s.


There are a lot fewer people here this year. We got a parking place right in front of the store. And Don was happy that they carry the motion-detection light he wanted, but they were out of stock. To guarantee that he gets one when the new stock arrives, he paid for it in advance.


We’ll be visiting some of these other shops in a few days.


We enjoyed one more happy hour with the joint Chapters 6 and 21 folks.


The next morning (today), we moved the motorhome a few miles southeast to Boomerville. We parked away from the fire ring where gatherings are held, so our generator shouldn’t bother anyone. Unfortunately, the ground isn’t very level here, so we had to drive the front wheels up on blocks and add blocks under the front jacks. And we have to use an extra portable step to climb up into the motorhome. But we’re only staying until Monday, so it’s not a big problem.


The number of people here is down this year, too. We are RV number 59 to arrive, and there have been upwards of 200 in the past. The views are just as good as I remember, though. And it’s great to re-connect with good friends Gloria & Frank King, Judy & Luke Rinehimer, and others.


A couple of ultralight aircraft flew over our group.



There was a chili cookoff this afternoon. Frank King (left) served as one of 5 judges.


We got to sample all the various entries, identified only by a number, along with some side dishes. First, second and third place winners were announced. Sorry I didn’t get a picture.

Later, Don and I drove into town to see if the light he ordered came in; no, not today, maybe tomorrow. Quartzsite is like that sometimes. So we did a little more shopping for solar lights, a new dish drainer, plasticware, etc. and came back to Boomerville for a quiet evening.


  1. All I can say is, I WISH I WAS THERE! love you, Donna

  2. If the winds blowing the right way I just might be able to hear you guys way over here in Palm Springs. Great weather for being out in the desert.


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