Sunday, August 4, 2013

Moving Day, Blue Birds and Happy Birthday, Don!

Our day started out slow, as we needed to move to a different site and we were waiting for the people to vacate it. Finally, when 11:00 check-out time arrived and no one was around to move the 5th wheel, no people, no truck…the campground assigned us to a different site. The reason we needed to move, which we knew in advance, was that a Blue Bird rally was starting today and our first site was assigned to one of them. The new site we were given was too short for the Blue Bird coming in, and we barely fit on it.

The front of the motorhome is as far forward as we can go.


The car barely fits behind, and is parked on a slant.


This site is about as unlevel as our last one, except that we’re now headed in the opposite direction, so Don had to get creative in order to lift and stabilize the rear wheels and jacks, using a combination of wood and plastic blocks.


Fortunately, we don’t have a driver’s side neighbor, at least for now, so we feel like we have a little elbow room. Because on the patio side, we have a shared yard with a neighbor who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of sharing. They left us about 2 feet of patio space! I just hope they don’t light too many smoky fires in their fire ring that’s only about 6 feet from our windows.


Blue Bird Wanderlodge Motor Coaches are no longer produced, and only those built during the last years of production (2003-2009) have slide-outs. Only one of the group that gathered in our neighborhood has slides, and it’s the one that’s now parked in our former site. It has 3 slide-outs and is a beauty!


This one also caught my eye, with its custom-paint job and trailer painted to match.


So, because of the late hour of moving and having to fuss around with leveling, we ran out of time for any day trip. Plus, we’ve been acting like tourists and needed to kick back a bit. But I did treat Don to a special dinner this evening. We went to Chop, a steak/seafood restaurant in Sister Bay. Don had one of his favorite meals, New Zealand lambchops, which happened to be their Sunday night special, with mint jelly and mashed potatoes. I had Mahi-Mahi with pico de gallo and wild rice. We both enjoyed a Caesar salad and delicious souffle-style bread. The food was all delicious, and the restaurant was elegant.


This is Don’s last year to be in his 60’s. Next year will be the BIG 7-0, and we plan to be in Canada on our Maritimes trip. Hope we can have a big celebration! In the meantime, Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart! Just keep on having birthdays for many, many more happy years!


  1. I had to rewrite my comment: Happy 30th Anniversary of Don's 39th birthday. Hope this coming year is your best year of your 60s! Larry said the 70s are pretty good too. Birthday Hugs to the "old man." Smile!
    Hugs, C

  2. Happy Birthday, Don. I'm in the same boat as you regarding the last 60's birthday but I'm sure both of us will have many, many more 'decades' to celebrate.

  3. Happy Birthday, Don. We wish you many more years of celebrating them with Sharon.

  4. Happy B-day good buddy! See you in Albuquerque.

    -- jc&bev

  5. Our Adventure Caravan tour of the Maritimes has had fun celebrating anniversaries and birthdays, so, hopefully, you will be treated the same! Happy Birthday, Don. You are a baby compared to us. :-)

  6. I know if your site was a tight one, there's no one better to put the motorhome in it.


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