Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last Day in Door County

We stayed here an extra day to wait for an appointment in Green Bay to fix our passenger-side bedroom slide. When we moved from one site to another a few days ago, the slide wouldn’t come in all the way. We’re hoping to get it pulled in far enough to drive the approximately 70 miles tomorrow. And we were lucky to get an appointment because all the RV service centers are very busy this time of year. I’m glad our travel plans are loosely set (in Jello, as we say) so we can take the time to get it fixed.

About 1/2 hour after I posted that we had no RV on our driver’s side in my last blog post, a Blue Bird pulled in beside us! Don’s view was cut off from where he sits at his desk, and I still look out on the other neighbor’s yard art, fire ring and chairs that take up almost all the patio space on the other side of us. It’s time to move on.


Remember the Blue Bird with the nice custom paint and trailer to match? Here’s what rides in the trailer.


It’s a 1937 Ford, restored and customized by the owner who used to do that work for a living, and now in retirement he said he uses the car as an excuse to travel to car shows. Notice: no door handles; they open at the touch of a remote control. What a beauty!


Today’s weather was overcast most of the day, but we took a drive anyway. By dinner time the clouds had cleared enough that we enjoyed some sunshine, so we dined outside at Shipwrecked Restaurant in Egg Harbor.


It’s also a microbrewery and inn, with an interesting past. Follow the link and click on History to learn how it was a hangout and hiding spot for Al Capone. As the sign below says, it’s “An Historic Meeting Place Since 1858.”


Here are a few other highlights from our last few days. Another meal was enjoyed outside.


Cherries being canned by hand at Seaquist Orchards Farm Market.


Door County Historical Museum includes the Pioneer Fire Company.



The museum’s front doors are beautiful from the inside.


It’s an excellent museum, and it’s hard to choose which pictures to publish, but this quilt is very special, commemorating Door County’s Sesquicentennial (150 years) in 2001.


A dead tree in Fish Creek became a carved work of art, similar to the ones we saw near Gulfport, MS.


A log cabin with an interesting history, now a Stonecutter’s shop.



The one-room schoolhouse at The Historical Village in Sturgeon Bay.


And the Warren House, where a family of 9 lived.


A huge mural being painted on the side of Nelson Shopping Center. The artist can barely be seen on the right.


Notice how the mural is integrated with the attached smaller building.


The marina at Bailey’s Harbor, near our campground.


A nearby swimming beach, also in Bailey’s Harbor.


A couple of the yachts with interesting names at Sister Bay.



While we haven’t done or seen everything here, we feel we covered the area pretty well. Got to leave something to do the next time we come!

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  1. Especially enjoyed the pictures of the stained glass and the mural. It really looks neat when an artist can incorporate another building into his mural. That last boat should belong to Judy (Travels with Emma)!!


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