Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adios Mi Amigo

When Don and I started traveling together in September 2007, he made it clear that he and Shadow came together as a package. Although I had just become pet-free, having found my two Siamese cats a new home because they weren’t handling the travel life well (they were my late husband’s and my cats and were used to a big house), I warmed up to Shadow’s winning personality and he took to me immediately. In fact, our first day on the road, traveling in 2 RVs, was a day to remember.

We departed from Goshen, Indiana, after the Escapade ended and headed south to visit friends. It was a warm autumn day. At lunchtime, we stopped and I fixed us a bite to eat. Don and Shadow came to my motorhome where it was cool, as I had the a/c running on the generator. When it was time to hit the road again, Don said “Come on, Shadow.” Shadow just looked at him, and sat beside my right leg when I got in the driver’s seat. Don tried to pick him up, and Shadow growled and tried to bite him. I said it was okay for him to stay with me.

As we rolled down the road, Don picked up his CB mike and said, “Not only did you steal my heart, you stole my dog!” Shadow’s first human Mom had passed away when he was just over a year old, and he had been traveling with Dad for about 5 years. I guess he knew that he’d found his next Mom! He never again rode with Don in his pickup truck, whether he was pulling his 5th wheel or just going to the store. Shadow had adopted me.


But he never forgot who his Dad was, and always followed him around.


Don Shadow Lake Superior


He made lots of friends.


Marilyn was one of his faves.


And Craig was his very Special Buddy.



He tolerated another Shadow, a girl, whom he met in Alaska.


“Shadowess,” as we called her, seemed to show up a lot, and was always happier to see Shadow than he was to see her.


He liked Shadow’s Mom a lot though, and got in her lap when Shadowess got in Shadow’s Dad’s lap!


I’ll show you!


He hated groomers, especially when they messed with his ears then put ribbons on him.


He loved rolling in grass, especially the patch that traveled with us.


He gladly shared it with special people.


But he hated it when someone else used it without his permission.


However, he didn’t hesitate to use someone else’s bed when the opportunity arose. His excuse was trying to recover from the infection that almost took him from us last summer.


It was really tough when he had to wear a “lampshade” on his head after so many vet visits and finally surgery in August 2012.



But he recovered and gave us another 10 months of happy companionship.

We loved you well, Shadow, and we’ll always remember the good times with you. Rest in peace.



  1. I'm sure Odie Guld was waiting to welcome him and they're racing around doggy heaven...raising hell! Sending love and hugs to you and Don.

  2. A good friend has left your active life, but he'll always be with you in your heart and your memories. You wrote a nice tribute to Shadow.

  3. Brings a tear to my eye. Losing such a loving, trusting member of the family just hurts like hell! Hugs to you and Don, and peace to your beloved Shadow!

  4. A lovely tribute to a good friend.

  5. So sorry to hear of the loss of your special little friend. It's never easy. That was a very touching memorial. ((HUGS))

  6. Awe did he dye. Tears are running down my face. I was hoping for a disney ending. Well I am blessed I got to know the little fellow even if just for an evening. :-(

  7. What a wonderful tribute to a special pet. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  8. We know exactly how you feel. We lost our Clyde after a couple of years on the road. He gave us 14 wonderful years. Your story brought back sad but heart warming thoughts. Thanks for sharing...

    -- jc&bev

  9. So sorry that Mr. Shadow has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. You had shared with us his most recent heart condition, but we are still sadden for your loss. I had not heard of his passing when we contacted you earlier tonight about dinner. Please accept our condolences and apologies for invading your private time to mourn for Shadow. {{{ HUGS }}}

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  11. Such a wonderful tribute and lovely photos too.

  12. So sorry for your loss ... a beautiful tribute and I love the story of how he adopted you.

  13. Great story. Dogs are wonderful and leave us with many happy memories, but all dog stories have sad endings.

  14. Good-bye Shadow, you will be missed! You were a super best friend to our friends--thank you!

  15. What a wonderful tribute to your beloved Shadow. Losing a pet is about the only thing I ever dread about owning one. We've lost a few over the years and have found the only remedy seems to be time and with that only great memories remain. Take care.

  16. I'm so sorry about your loss. What a nice tribute. I loved how he adopted his new mom.

  17. Sharon I just found out you lost Shadow. Our hearts grieve for you and Don. We know how much he was loved and he was such a good boy. I feel your pain but know he is in heaven waiting for you both.
    Love and big ((Hugs)))

  18. Sharon and Don we are so very sorry to hear today you lost your Shadow. He was such a good boy and I know you will miss him so. I truly feel your pain. Much love and (((Hugs))) Chris and Charles


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