Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Parker to Quartzsite

Yesterday was the final full day of the Escapees Chapter 21 rally in Parker, AZ. The first significant event of the day was the club’s business meeting.

With past experience of struggling to get people to run for offices, the ‘election’ wasn’t held in the usual manner. Don Damkaer, President, accepted volunteers and asked for a vote (which was unanimous by acclamation) for Vice President (Don Del Rosario) and Secretary (Betty Dawson). Newsletter Editor is an appointed position, and Marti Moehlau volunteered to that appointment. The President and Treasurer will continue in their positions for another year.

Below are Don Del Rosario, VP, Don Damkaer, President, Ron Schulz, Treasurer, and Marti Moehlau, Newsletter Editor.


Pat Bunselmeier, right, happily passes the role of Secretary to Betty Dawson.


Frank & Gloria King served as Volunteer Club Representatives (VCRs) for the rally. Frank talked about various things, including the value of volunteering in our club, and how he and Gloria have enjoyed more fun after getting more involved in Escapees.


Frank & Gloria presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Pat Bunselmeier for her service as Secretary.


With the club’s business taken care of, the group reconvened later in the day for the popular Polar Bear Party. Bruce Ratcliff and Tank Lucas blended up some of these yummy adult drinks (made of Kahlua, Vodka, vanilla ice cream and crushed ice).


Goodies started to appear on another table.


Before long the table was full of food, and people were loading up their plates.


Alice Schulz toasted the end of Pat’s stint as Secretary.


Even Gloria, who normally doesn’t drink anything alcoholic because of bad headaches that usually result, enjoyed not one but TWO Polar Bears! And she reported no headaches. Gloria, I think you’ve found your drink of choice!


Frank savored the complexity of the drink.


And Don enjoyed his non-alcoholic root beer float.


Among the many door prizes awarded, this was one of the best.


Today we drove the short 32 miles from La Paz County Park in Parker to mile marker 2.3 on Plomosa Rd in Quartzsite, to join the Escapees SOLOs group, and serve as VCRs for their rally.


Don and I were both officers in this group in the past, we met during one of their rallies, got together during another one a few years later, and made many wonderful friends during the years we were members. So we volunteered to be with them for their week-long rally this year.


We parked near the gathering spot, helping to create a windbreak for the get-togethers in this area during the next several days.


After getting set up, we drove the car to the Escapees Happy Hour a few miles further south.


Almost 300 people attended this gathering in the desert, which has become an annual event. It’s always fun to reconnect with our friends. Fortunately, the weather had turned warmer (about 63 F) and the wind was very slight. We enjoyed reconnecting with many of our friends, and I didn’t take nearly enough pictures of everyone!

Here Susie Orr and Mark Nemeth made announcements to the group.


Molly Pinner was really into the festive mood with her special glasses!


Carol Hill had to look up to Don in the same way I do!


I presented a hand-crocheted hat to Dennis Hill in his favorite color, with a unique ear flap to keep his injured ear warm.


I think he liked it. At least he liked the color. For more info on his accident, check out his blog.


Art & Caroline Fennell were celebrating their 35th anniversary today. Congratulations, Friends!


Dennis had to check out the message on Kellie Gunn’s sweatshirt.


Not exactly a typical RVer’s car, this 2002 Thunderbird caught my eye. It travels in the nice trailer you see behind it, pulled by a motorhome. The owners don’t want to chance getting any rock chips on this beauty!


We returned to the SOLOs area for a happy hour and hot dog roast. We opted not to join in the campfire later as the smoke is really bothering my breathing these days. But we’re looking forward to more fun times with all our friends while we spend the next 12 days in Quartzsite.

P.S. It’s really nice to have a strong 4G cell phone signal for Internet and phone access, after barely getting a weak 3G signal in Parker.


  1. Good to see y'all today! Thanks for bringing the warm weather with you!

  2. Sorry we are missing the Happy Hours. Sharon, please ask Barbara for some flyers for our Geocaching Rally to announce at the Solo Rally. They will also be available at the Escapee Happy Hour on Thursday and then at the SKP Booth in the RV Tent.

    Looks like Gloria was just on her first Polar Bear and was already "happy". Sounds delicious and I may have to try one, too.

  3. That hat is way too cute for Dennis, smile! Great job!
    Hope to get up there today! Thanks for sharing!


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