Sunday, January 13, 2013

Escapees Chapter 21 Rally

It has been a fun few days at the rally, but our limited Internet connection has prevented me from posting a blog. So here’s a review of the past 3 days, which I hope will upload without too much delay.

We arrived with the Forbes (Larry & Marilyn) and Kings (Frank & Gloria) at La Paz County Park a day early on Thursday, for the rally starting the next day.


The other rigs began rolling in on Friday.


People, dogs and cats began to get acquainted.


We met tiny Sophie, Gloria and Frank’s newest family member.


Becky Hazen was telling a story while her cat Oreo took a sideways glance at the female Shadow (Gloria & Frank’s older pup).


Marilyn and Gloria found it very funny!


Larry came out to find out what was so funny.


Happy hour took place near Don & Kay Damkaer’s motorhome. We have 27 RVs and 54 people in attendance.


The wind blew Larry’s Escapees windsock off the flagpole, so Frank climbed up to retrieve it, under direction from Larry. Oops! The camera slipped.


The windsock was saved!


Dinner was at the Blue Water Casino.


There was no buffet as in the past, but the meal was fairly good. Becky Hazen and Lonnie Hodge are the ones not wearing red. (We’ll have to clue them in to the practice of wearing red on Friday to honor our country’s troops.)


On Saturday we made our annual trek out to the Desert Bar. This unique place in the Buckskin Mountains, about 5 miles from the nearest paved road, was built on the site of an old mining camp, and is only open on Saturdays and Sundays.


The Nellie E Saloon was named after the original mining claim, and was opened as a bar in 1983.


Every year brings new buildings and expansion, including this church with only a front and back, no inside.


Lots of antique cars are scattered around the property.


The entrance is via a bridge from the parking lot, with the bar, outdoor seating, band stand and dance floor on the main level.


Solar power, a huge bank of batteries and well water are the main sources of utilities. The entire complex is totally off the grid. The lower level includes more seating and a caterer offering tri-tip sandwiches, Philly cheesesteaks, beer-battered fries and other goodies.


It was a bit chilly but sunny and we all enjoyed the day. Here are Lonnie & Becky.


Frank & Gloria.


Larry & Marilyn.


Sunday was a less-busy day, with a leisurely drive to the Parker Dam.



We saw several groups of 3-4 wild burros along the way, but I failed to get pictures. Larry did, so check his blog to see if he’s posted some pics.

Dinner was at nearby Black Pearl Restaurant at the Pirates Den Resort, with a nice view of the Colorado River. The ‘girls’ sat near the window and the guys at the other end of the table.


Most of us had an entrée off the Italian section of the menu, which are under $10 on Sunday. My lasagna was wonderful, and a take-home box will supply my lunch tomorrow. Don had the salad bar and his main dish of steamer clams were presented in a beautiful way.


The sunset tonight was as special as the dinner and conversation.


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  1. Nice Blog, I enjoyed the trip and pictures and I didn't even have to get out of my chair.

    beautiful sunset!!!

    Have fun!!


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