Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shopping, A Birthday and Two Anniversaries

Yesterday and today provided a chance to catch up on some shopping. We bought over $200 of food at the commissary yesterday, and almost $300 of other stuff at Wal-Mart today. And we did a lot of nothing, just resting after so much traveling.

We are parked at the older FamCamp on Malmstrom AFB because the newer one just outside the main gate was full.


Larry and Marilyn were able to get a site in the newer park early the next morning, after spending a night at Wal-Mart because we couldn’t get them checked in due to the base lockdown on Friday. It’s a good thing they got that site, as it would have been very difficult, maybe impossible, to sponsor them inside the base due to the heightened security. We expect to move over there tomorrow as another site is expected to become available.

We’re fine where we are, but with temperatures in the 90’s (and we’re used to 60’s) we need to run the a/c and would like to run both of them. Also, I’m catching up on laundry using our on-board w/d, so we need (want) 50 amps and only have 30 in this park. Plus, the grass is much nicer there, so we can let Shadow roll in it without having to clean all the dead grass off him after he rolls in it (and weeds) where we are now.

Yesterday, while I was walking Shadow, the other Shadow’s Mom and Dad, Gloria and Frank King, drove into the FamCamp and recognized me! What a nice surprise to run into these fellow Escapees and Alaska travelers that we saw in Anchorage and again in Whitehorse.

Today is Marilyn Forbes’ birthday. She wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, so I found a local Fiesta en Jalisco, a chain that I know is pretty good. I learned it’s also the King’s 51st wedding anniversary, so we made it a joint celebration. And, since Dennis and Carol Hill recently celebrated their 40th anniversary – well, not really a celebration because Dennis had to go to the ER for a health problem – we made it a triple! A good time was had by all.

We enjoyed happy hour in the shade next to the Forbes’ motorhome. Notice that we’re wearing shorts and sandals instead of sweatshirts.


And we had a toast at dinner.


The food was plentiful and everyone left with full bellies, complaining about the weight we need to lose!



  1. Dinner looked great! Must be nice to be back to t-shirts and shorts.

  2. Food looked yummy and friends looked happy!!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe


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