Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reunion in Great Falls

Today we got a nice surprise! Pat Livingston and Jim Smith called after they crossed the border into the U.S. to see if we were still in Great Falls. Yes! They arrived early in the afternoon and parked at the Moose Lodge, since we couldn’t get them into the Malmstrom FamCamp. Don drove over to pick them up for our happy hour and potluck dinner tonight.

Don planned the dinner event by offering to grill three tri-tip roasts, prepared Santa Maria style.

Carol and Marilyn patiently waited for their cue from Don for the time to bring out their dinner contributions.


Don was relaxed – it’s not time yet!


Everyone else brought side dishes. Everything was delicious, and nobody left hungry!


Pictured above (L-R): Larry Forbes, Frank and Gloria King, Pat Livingston, Jim Smith, Don Del Rosario, Carol and Dennis Hill and Marilyn Forbes.

Earlier, during happy hour, there were several craft projects in progress. Gloria was inspired to crochet a lapghan for Soldiers’ Angels, and here she’s discussing it with Pat, also a crocheter.


Carol was busy crocheting a baby cap to donate through the Escapees, who provide them to a local hospital (for newborns, especially preemies) wherever the annual Escapade is held. Marilyn worked on her own Soldiers’ Angels knitted lapghan project.


My knitted lapghan for Soldiers’ Angels is also taking shape.


Gloria showed me the bracelet and earrings she makes for breast cancer survivors – there are several in her family – and she sells them to raise money for breast cancer research. She shared some of the beads with me so I can make myself a pair of earrings, after she learned that I’m a survivor, too. Thanks, Gloria!


Meanwhile the guys talked about new wrenches they bought, how to fix Frank’s 5th wheel’s broken jack, and polishing their RVs. We’re all enjoying just ‘chilling’ after traveling so many miles, and getting caught up with ‘household’ cleaning and rejuvenating. Some of us have been doing some outside and inside cleaning, polishing and reorganizing projects, and are feeling like we’ve accomplished something useful during the past few laid-back days.

Pat and Jim are moving on down the road tomorrow, and the rest of us are leaving during the next few days. It’s so nice to have this time together. Thanks for the fun, Friends!

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  1. Sure looks like you had a great afternoon and dinner with your friends.


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