Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nevada to Utah

It was a good day to drive about 330 miles from Battle Mountain, NV to Hill AFB, UT north of Salt Lake City. Interstate 80 can be very windy in this area, especially the sections by the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Great Salt Lake. When I lived here in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, there were several incidents when large 18-wheelers (some of which actually have up to 40 wheels) were blown over sideways. We were lucky to have very little wind, light traffic, and no more air pressure alarms! Hurrah!

The photos I got on the road today aren’t great. Too many reflections from windows, too late on the shutter, not in focus, etc. Here are a few of the ones I didn’t discard, with apologies for quality.

I counted 26 wheels on this double-tanker as it passed us.DSCN5486

Two tunnels for tracks, two for roads.DSCN5488

The Humboldt River is about as long as the distance we drove today: 330 miles. It has no outlet to the ocean, and is the 4th largest river of that type in the U.S. Interstate 80 roughly follows the route of this river across northern Nevada. For more info, go the Wikipedia entry.


We’re almost never away from work zones on roads, and today was no exception. Note the heavy snow pack on mountains in the distance.DSCN5496

Besides having a good driving day, we accomplished another task. Don got his new glasses changed at LensCrafters in Ogden. They have a wonderful guarantee policy: If you don’t like anything you can get it changed within 90 days. He’s ecstatic over being able to see better at a distance, close up and the mid-range where his computer and the dashboard lie, using the no-line bifocals aka progressive lenses. For a first-time glasses wearer, he has adjusted quickly. He says the new frames are lighter and more comfortable, and I think they look better on him, too. What do you think?






  1. Don, you are looking good!!!!
    I used to wear progressives -- it took me 6 weeks to get used to them, and I fell down some stairs doing that. I really liked them once after the breaking-in period.

  2. Glasses look good. We don't know which way your heading to Alaska but if your anywhere near Quensel,B.C. There's a Provincial park at 10 Mile Lake we had stopped overnight. Your about 50 miles from a old mining town called Barkersville.Well worth going to. They also have a provincial park by Barkersville too.Enjoy your trip. Wish we were going. Sam and Carolyn Kidd

  3. Don's a real good looker! Suzy used to use progressives, but her ophthalmologist told her they can't help with her Fuch's Dystrophy (don't ask what that is), so she's back on trifocals. I've never tried progressives. I have a special pair of computer glasses, but I usually forget to change to the regular lenses the rest of the day.


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