Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

We’re considering today the first day of our Alaska trip, because we have no other responsibilities, family to visit, rallies to attend, etc. Our focus is simply to point the wheels north and enjoy every day of the adventure. However, I resisted titling this blog “North to Alaska” because we’ve got several days yet before that will really be valid.

Instead, I’m honoring the day we usually have Mexican food in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the day in 1862 when the Mexican militia defeated the French army and traitor Mexican army at Puebla, Mexico. This day is celebrated more in the U.S. than in Mexico, oddly enough. You can read more about this event by clicking here. I had planned to make guacamole to share with our travel buddies at happy hour, but our delayed arrival (see below) and growling stomachs dictated that supper was more important than hors d’oeuvres. (And I spelled that without checking it!)

We met the Hills and the Forbes this morning at the Flying J in Willard in northern Utah. Don & I had bought fuel at Hill AFB (lowest price for diesel in the area – $4.099), so we parked in the lot and waited for Larry & Marilyn to finish filling their Phaeton.

Larry & Marilyn joined us in the parking lot.DSCN5532

Dennis & Carol pulled in to fuel up.DSCN5531

We formed a caravan with Dennis leading, Larry in the middle of the sandwich, and I was behind the wheel of our rig as tail gunner for the first leg. Don and I traded off driving as we usually do, with me finishing the day.

Views of snow-topped mountains along the way were superb.DSCN5536 

Lots of times, we were the only vehicles visible on the road.DSCN5537

During one of our rest stops, Don presented a gift he bought for Dennis, who has a peculiar and unusual fondness for the color orange.DSCN5539

Dennis, it becomes you – wear it in good health.DSCN5540

We drove about 330 miles north on I-15, from Utah through Idaho into Montana. We had planned to stay at Clarks Canyon Reservoir south of Dillon, MT. However, when we arrived we learned that the campground wasn’t open yet. People who had been fishing told us about a truck stop about 15 miles further north that has RV sites. There was certainly no competition for sites, and we got full hookups for $15. Our spontaneous potluck supper turned out great, and we had fun visiting with our friends.

Marilyn’s finishing the chicken meatloaf, while Larry says something important and Don checks out a place for us to stay tomorrow night.DSCN5546

It’s great to see Carol back in the RV again, after her trips back to Maryland to visit her convalescing Mom.DSCN5547

Our fearless leader, Dennis, probably saying something important.DSCN5548

Dennis and Don getting serious about food.DSCN5549

Marilyn, Larry and Carol balancing conversation and food.DSCN5553

It was a good travel day with perfect weather, and we look forward to another one tomorrow.


  1. We totally forgot about Cinco de Mayo! Must be because we are in California instead of Arizona. But we did have some guacamole with our happy hour. You are in one of our favorite places now -- the Big Sky State! Yahoo!

  2. Chuck and I having been talking about what a fun time you must be having traveling with 2 other great couples! We'll be watching your blog as your Canada/Alaska adventures unfolds. Hugs, J&C


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