Thursday, March 30, 2017

Watsonville, CA

We’re having a wonderful time on the California coast, visiting Don’s sis-in-law and family. Susan retired from being an RN at a nearby hospital, and became Nanny for her two granddaughters, Carolina (4) and Olivia (11 months).



Both girls are full of energy and laughs. I don’t know how Susan keeps up with them, as we’re about the same age and I got tired after only a few hours!


Their Mom Lisa manages well, too.


Gigi and Brandy are getting along well, and Gig likes being in the back yard and off leash. She’s been very good around the little girls, too – we didn’t know how she would act because we’ve never had her around children before.


Yesterday, Don and I baby-sat the girls while Susan took a neighbor to the doctor. They love their Uncle Don!


And they also like sitting in my lap, sharing one of their many books, and playing games together.


Later, Don and I drove to San Jose airport to pick up Susan’s daughter (and Lisa’s sis) Laura, who flew out from her home in Massachusetts.


Late afternoon, Susan’s sister Jane and her daughter Katy came from San Jose for a visit.


Lisa’s husband Sergio joined us later and we ordered a huge Chinese dinner delivery. We’ll be snacking on the leftovers for days!


What a great family, huh?


  1. What a nice looking family. Glad Gigi had someone to play with.

  2. Hey, we're only 20 some miles apart. We are staying at Betabel RV Resort in San Juan Batista. Where at you guys parked? How long are you going to be in the area? Do you have time for a visit either where you are or where we are? There are a couple of nice restaurants in San Juan Batista. How about a minirang?


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